City wins in Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics.

City wins in Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics.

Litter spills out of trash cans and dumpsters, and we’ve all seen people just throw their trash on the ground. According to the Keep America Beautiful campaign, each year over 11 billion dollars is spent cleaning up litter in the U.S., mostly by businesses and government. But what if picking up litter was more fun? Recently in Pittsburgh five neighborhoods in the city’s East End made a game of it: the first Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics. 

Last year Renee Robinson, a longtime East End resident, had the idea for neighborhoods to go head to head in a litter-busting competition. She says the intention was to make it a celebration of the good work that many residents are already doing by working together to clean up their communities. Plus, it could help build community relationships.

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Lena Andrews is an organizer of this year’s event, and member of the

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