COP23: Trump team leads ‘surreal’ coal-gas-nuke climate summit panel

COP23: Trump team leads ‘surreal’ coal-gas-nuke climate summit panel

The panelists, from left: Dave Banks, a Trump international energy adviser; Francis Brook, a Trump energy adviser; Barry Worthington, a Trump energy adviser and head of the U.S. Energy Association; Amos Hochstein, a former Obama energy adviser who now consults for the natural gas industry; Holly Krutka, an engineer with Peabody Coal; Lenka Kollar, an engineer with NuScale nuclear power company. Photo by Justin Catanoso BONN, Germany – On Tuesday evening, 13 November, Trump administration energy advisers along with coal, natural gas and nuclear power industry representatives conducted an hour-long panel at COP23 during which they prioritized international “energy security and economic development” above climate mitigation. To those in the audience, the presentation seemed wildly out of touch and “surreal,” in a world whose climatic balance has tipped dangerously out of kilter due to human-caused global warming. “Promoting coal at a climate summit is like promoting tobacco at a cancer summit,” said former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is leading the U.S. subnationals delegation representing U.S. states, cities, companies and colleges dedicated to climate action at the COP23 summit. Given that the U.S. is now the world leader in oil and gas reserves due to fracking, and now stands ready under President Trump to ramp up exports, the self-serving nature of the event seemed obvious to many in the audience, as the presenters emphasized their deep concern for developing nations having sufficient fossil fuels to meet their future energy needs. Trump-approved panelists also spoke of their concern for…

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