Videos detail corruption in massive illegal Peruvian timber case

Videos detail corruption in massive illegal Peruvian timber case

New information from undercover video sheds some light on one of the biggest global timber scandals in recent history, the Yacu Kallpa. The 15 video clips, released by NGO Global Witness, show Peruvian timber executives describing how they’ve been willfully complicit in buying and selling illegally-sourced timber, particularly in the Yacu Kallpa case. Much of the timber they describe was obtained in the Peruvian Amazon. The Yacu Kallpa was a massive container ship that moved the largest load of captured illegal timber in the history of Peru. It was over 1,312 cubic meters of illegal wood, according to Peru’s customs and tax enforcer, Sunat. Much of the stolen wood came from indigenous communities, from families of farmers and even from the lands of the Peruvian state itself, and was transported in three trips during 2015. It was enough to the freight capacity of 60 semi-trailers, according to one assessment by Peruvian investigative media outlet OjoPúblico. The timber was sent out in three shipments bound for the US, and was detained and then released in late 2016 despite proof it was illegal, reported OjoPúblico. According to the report, Mexican authorities caved to pressure from the Mexican and Peruvian timber sectors on the third shipment. All of the timber ultimately ended up in Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic. Video released by Global Witness shows that some executives involved with the timber on the Yacu Kallpa were aware of the questionable origin of the wood. The NGO notes that it demonstrates that despite public…

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