Peru declares a huge new national park in the Amazon

Peru declares a huge new national park in the Amazon

LORETO REGION, Peru — Starting yesterday, 868,927 hectares of forest in Peru’s Loreto Region will be protected through the creation of Yaguas National Park, comprising a mega-diverse ecosystem that, until this week, was protected as a “reserved area.” The order that confirmed this declaration was signed by the Minister of the Environment and the President of the Republic in a Ministry Council meeting earlier this week. For 30 years, the communities that live around Yaguas have worked toward national park status for the highly biodiverse area, which they consider sacred. Yaguas National Park comprises 870,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest in Peru’s northern Loreto Region. As deforestation has expanded and approached from the south, Yagua has remained relatively intact. Stakeholders hope its upgrade to a national park will help keep it that way. Data source: GLAD/UMD, accessed through Global Forest Watch Liz Chicaje Churay, the leader of the Bora community and representative of the Federation of Native Communities in the Ampiyacu (Fecona) River basin, expressed her satisfaction about the establishment of the newly protected area. “With the creation of Yaguas National Park, our culture, our forests, and our life proposal are being respected. Yaguas represents a sacred territory, a source of life that our ancestors defended,” said Chicaje, who thanked those who joined the communities during this process. Benjamín Rodríguez, President of the Federation of Native Border Communities of the Putumayo (FECNAFROPU), also thanked the government. “With the categorization of Yaguas as a National Park, an important step is taken to consolidate…

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