Latam Eco Review: Resistance, hope and camera traps

Latam Eco Review: Resistance, hope and camera traps

The recent top stories from Mongabay Latam, our Spanish-language service, include a call to cover climate change, the dangers of opposing Colombia’s largest hydropower plant, and the most inspiring conservation news of 2018. ‘We are not doing enough’: 25 media groups commit to cover climate change “Journalists across the continent have a profound obligation to understand the science behind the entire planet’s transition to a different model of growth and development,” says a statement signed by 25 media organizations, including Colombia’s influential El Espectador and Bolivia’s El Deber newspapers, Argentine environmental magazine Claves 21, Peru’s, and Mexico’s Lado B. The editorial was published by each group, including Mongabay Latam. Image that accompanied the statement on Instagram. Camera traps: The most talked-about videos of 2018 Andean bears, jaguars, pumas, brocket deer and mountain tapirs were among the species captured on camera traps across Latin America last year. This important tool allows researchers to observe behavior without disturbing animals in remote zones and to learn more about their habits for conservation efforts. Last year Mongabay Latam shared videos from the forests of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, among others. On an expedition to the Amazonas region, photographer Michael Tweddle captured this image of a golden Andean bear for the first time. Image by Michael Tweddle. Top 10 most popular conservation interviews A researcher who lived alone on an island for two years to study penguins; the park ranger who’s worked in Peru’s Manú National Park for 33 years; and the photographer who…

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