Can an art museum drive sustainability? Q&A with MOCA’s Klaus Biesenbach

Can an art museum drive sustainability? Q&A with MOCA’s Klaus Biesenbach

Contemporary art may seem tangential to environmental concerns for many people, especially those who are active practitioners of conservation, but The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles is looking to shift that perception. MOCA has formed an Environmental Council that aims to address some of today’s most pressing environmental issues. The council, composed of a diverse grouping of high-profile environmentalists, will specifically focus on climate, conservation and environmental justice and its cross-section with art in Los Angeles and “beyond”, according to a recent press release provided to Mongabay. In this unique initiative, a broader and more inclusive concept of “preservation” is on display, as art and environment converge under one umbrella. Of course, museums are, and always been, in the business of preservation.  Museums invest major effort to preserve art and maintain it in its original state, so that people may enjoy these timeless pieces for generations to come. This basic iteration of preservation is, of course, redundant to environmentalists, who strive to protect and maintain our planet’s vulnerable ecosystems. With the establishment of its Environmental Council, MOCA is expanding their “preservation lens” beyond its own walls and traditional purview, an exciting step that could bring more people and more resources to the table in the protection of the planet.  After all, what good is a piece of art if we don’t have a habitable planet to enjoy it on? The Museum of Contemporary Art as seen from Grand Ave. Photo by Elon Schoenholz. Today, we interview Director…This article was originally published on Mongabay

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