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Original YA eco-fiction: is this the place to give it away?
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Author:  wayne [ Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Original YA eco-fiction: is this the place to give it away?

Hi all,

I just discovered this forum full of kindred spirits. Thank you for being generous with your thoughts and actions.

My interest is in inspiring the next generation to self-actualize on behalf of the environment. To that end, I've written a full-length novel that my daughter (14), her friends, and my adult reviewers all believe is ready for publication. While I wrote it for a YA (young-adult) audience, it seems to appeal to a wide age range.

I'm not interested in making money on this. I'm looking for a way to self-publish, and for a way to distribute the book effectively. I'm hoping to reach parents who see eco-fiction as an entertaining means to both educate and motivate their middle-school and older kids, not to mention themselves.

Is this the right place? If so, I'd be happy to post a link to a .pdf version of the book now, and hopefully a link to a more permanent location on the web after publication. If posting a link isn't appropriate, I could simply email it to anyone interested.

A bit about the book: The title is "Katie Vale: Feet First," the first in a series dealing with environmental themes in a humorous and accessible way. The eighth-grade protagonist, Katie, lives in a fictional city in northern San Diego county. Through a series of mysterious events, Katie and a few classmates find themselves walking to school--something you simply don't do in self-conscious Mission Verdosa--making them a target for ridicule by some, and suspicion by others. Along the way, they team up with a secretive group of mentors and eco-warriors, home-based in a bizarre, mystical old bookstore. Katie discovers that she has the power to change the world as she and her friends navigate small-town politics, corporate espionage, and a seething intercity basketball rivalry.

Please let me know if I'm pushing the boundaries of what is allowed on this forum, and whether another might be more appropriate.


Author:  arthurnottheking [ Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original YA eco-fiction: is this the place to give it aw

Hi Wayne,

Are you still writing eco-fiction? I'm about to finish my first piece of narrative, but I'm also interested in co-writing, since there're not many people who have chosen the path of eco-fiction writers, I thought I could contact you directly as well. I planned to publish my short story on DeviantArt first, but perhaps creating my own blog is a better idea, because I'm eager to write more and it will be great to have an author's portfolio too.
I was inspired by Dragonfly.eco and still use their writing resources.


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