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Bogus Warnings
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Author:  X-Black [ Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bogus Warnings

I will probably get banned for this but al you are the cause of 99% of the "drama" on this board. Look at how it has went down hill since your inauguration as queen bee. You use your mod status as a weapon rather than a tool for the betterment of the board. YOUR POSTS in this thread alone are as much in violation of the rules as anyone elses as this forum is NOT for debate and you started a debate immediately. You are like a middle school hall monitor full of yourself and it frankly getting extremely old. I don't think anyone ( even those who dislike or disagree with him) would question WAYNES honesty. And for you to attempt to shut him and others up in this thread with "you're breaking board rules" is as transparent as a clean window. If JOSH cannot see the truth of what has been being said concerning you for a while now it is simply because he does not want to.

I would say that Wayne is the most honest stright guy I'v met and the main reason I used to visit this forum!

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