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Author:  RF [ Tue Jan 31, 2006 11:09 am ]
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xveganx and RF seemed to be having a rational, amicable discussion about the conservation status of red and grey squirrels......Then, not to be outdone, RF makes a derogatory remark to the effect there was no, "debate"....

Heh. What a stretch. 'Course...I suppose it just wouldn't be an effective "Look how the antis messed up a thread" post without the inclusion of a "RF makes a derogatory remark" statement.

Did you delete that derogatory post of mine, Sandra?

....I call it provoking people whose views you don't agree with it so that they'll, "chuck a wobbly", and look aggressive and irrational (and perhaps get banned).

Not a chance that the people who "look aggressive and irrational", are in fact aggressive and irrational?

Have you considered NT-Spcssm's past advice of just treating this obvious strategy with the contempt it deserves?

I would say such actions are more tactical than strategic. Did anyone comment on the contemptuous nature of that tactic as employed by hunt sabs and protestors?

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