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Complaint about anti-Canadian postings
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Author:  wijim [ Fri Mar 24, 2006 12:04 pm ]
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Spin wrote:
Only in Newfoundland would a photo of a seal being skinned alive be okay and much loved, but a political cartoon of a bunch of useless lying politicians whacking seals to death in the Governor General's palace be such an outrage, that it should see me skinned alive and my hide nailed to the front door of this glorious forum is in my humble opinion a slight over reaction. Anyway, most Newfies I know would love to see the backside of Canada!!

My "pathetically stupid photoshop" political cartoons (as are most political cartoons) are supposed to incite a strong reaction. I get tons of e-mails from Japan for having included their royal family (over whales), but no one has suggested I remove them... So far I've only been sued by a puppy mill for libel (not a cartoon but because I said there kennel was a puppy mill on my website), and they have since dropped their action against me (I put the entire Notice of Action online, and got their lawyers upset at the bad publicity)...


hmmm...so you did intend to incite.... :lol: :roll:

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