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PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:23 pm 
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Member with over 1000 posts!
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Johhny Electriglide wrote:
It is a bummer that so much fraud has gone on. Looking at the graph showing Arctic sea ice collapse, the tipping point of methane turnover, was 1980, and 40years for CO2 momentum puts zero global emissions should have been 1940 and population control globally should have started in 1880. So, who are you going to blame? When it was known, Nixon addressed the democratic congress, who with Carter chickened out on doing anything to lower the polluting US overpopulation, and leading the world back in 1969. Then Earth Day One and on with no rapid population reduction strategy and too late to stop methane runaway by easier methods than the present aerosol event 20% larger than Toba and its dismal 1% survival rate, 11 year global winter with caveats. Still, that is within the dormancy ability and actually much better than an extinction event worse than the Permian.

Who has the balls to do a Toba event with important caveats? Who has real knowledge and understanding of the East Siberian Arctic Slope methane clathrate deposits? Latent heat, solar thermal gain, open ocean effect with allowing for winter heat loss means clathrate ice cage failure and sudden release of methane 164 times in volume at 50 meters deep, 2023, in effect initiating a runaway process as irreversible, once started, as the firing of a gun. Who has 1250MGTs of H Bombs and the dedication to the species of Earth to use them to lift to the stratosphere 1,000 cubic miles of aerosols and restore the biosphere while the ESAS is kept refrozen?

"With every decision, think seven generations ahead of the consequences of your actions" Ute rule of life.
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”― Chief Seattle
“Those Who Have the Privilege to Know Have the Duty to Act”…Albert Einstein

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