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selection of thesis topic
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Author:  vikkram [ Wed Jan 19, 2011 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  selection of thesis topic

hi all,
I am doing my M.Arch Environmental design 3 rd semester in hyderabad. we have to select 2 seminar topics for this semester and a thesis topic (PTPG). Please help me in creating / selecting my seminar as well as thesis topics. Some ideas/ references, some titles to initiate my thought.
i have searched for some ideas where i got some topics i'll mention here. i have to choose one topic for seminar which i can continue for the thesis next semester also
1. Rematerial: From waste to Architecture
2. Our Ancestors planning legacy
3. Linking Science to Design
4. Peoples participation and integrated approach to the spatial planning
5. Impact of tourism on ecology and environment
6. Indian festivals and its impact on environment
7. Technology Development and its impact on environment
8. Managing sense of place in transition : coping with climate change
9. Causalities of climate change: Identity and livelihood in Indian towns.
10. Climate change and place
11. Growing water
12. Ecological urbanism
13. The art of solid waste
14. How much does our household weigh? - on environment
15 Loss of cherished places: Global climate change in Andhra Pradesh
16. Offshore wind energy and its environmental impacts.
17. Crime prevention through environmental design
18. New Urbanism: designing eco-friendly and people friendly communities
19. Landscape Ecology
20. Cultural Landscape
21. Maharshi sthapathya veda
22. Ecological Restoration

I have chose "Offshore wind energy and its environmental impacts." but i don't know how scope (esp. design scope) for thesis next semester. Is any one topic from the above has any chances of that scope i can create? or Any other topic? please help me quickly as i am the only person not yet decided topic.
i want to short list on the basis of practicality, availability of live projects and design scope.

Author:  cg01114 [ Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: selection of thesis topic

well .............................................

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: selection of thesis topic

Well.... Now that's a great first post--NOT!, no intro=not cool.
How about a paper on low IQ human blubber balloon breeding machines on generational welfare??? (they must get some guys REALLY drunk!). :razz: :shock: 8) ](*,) #-o

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