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VANISHING WORLDS: do your part to save them
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Author:  theblackbox [ Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  VANISHING WORLDS: do your part to save them

The once distant threat of dangerous environments is now very real to many communities across the globe. Vanishing Worlds is a documentary-in-making that tells the stories of three families who face the risk of losing their homelands to an unravelling climate. The film portrays the experiences of the climate-change victims and how they are forced to face their ultimate fates: an old lady forced to abandon her sinking island in the Indian Bay of Bengal, a young Yup’Ik Eskimo forced to escape the melting ice in Alaska, and a poor farmer unable to flee the desertification in northern China. Vanishing Worlds is a sombre reminder of the importance of preserving our world by halting environmentally-damaging practices.

This is the bottom up, real life story of people in the most difficult situation in their life. The documentary not only tells the story of how climate change has affected the world but also emblems in the protagonists some of the most encouraging aspects of humanity: solidarity, respect and wisdom thriving against all adversities.

Support the production of Vanishing Worlds. Help Estephan and his team make a difference. Visit http://vanishingworlds.tumblr.com/post/6100391477/trailer to watch the moving trailer and make a contribution. Every dollar counts. Thank you!

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