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my two cents about peak copper
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Author:  Ann Vole [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  my two cents about peak copper

A few years ago, Canadian pennies were no longer made of copper but just copper coated zinc. Now that even zinc has gone up in price, pennies are now copper-coated steel. They still cost way too much to make and the Canadian government plans to not distribute a 2013 penny. Every "green" light bulb now has coils of copper wire inside to fire the fluorescent tube or supply the right voltage to LEDs. Power lines are being built to handle more "green" power sources. Wind generators are heavy with copper coils. The third-world is trying to catch up with their own power systems and consumer electronics sales. I suspect we are going to run short on copper. Going "green" has to also account for the use of rare materials too. I will explore using pneumatic motors for fans and pumps and eliminate the use of copper pipes to be prepared for a possible peak-copper skyrocketing price of non-steel metals.

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: my two cents about peak copper

That is a good reason to get rid of the giant long distance grid, and go to small, local smart grids and independent systems. Every time I see those huge lines of towers, I think of the wasted materials and power. They remind me of human stupidity, overpopulation, and ecocide. It is ridiculous that a penny costs more than it is worth to manufacture. They should have been phased out and prices reflecting the change, years ago.
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