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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:30 pm 
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Member with 50 posts!
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I found this interesting from the c3 denier blog. I enjoy a good smack down type conversation. If this group is interested I would like to collect the science info that counters the false assertions about climate science.

http://www.c3headlines.com/2012/06/what ... say-e.html

What Is A "Climate Change Denier"? Are They Just Imaginary Beings That Climate Doomsday Alarmists Say Exist?
A recent Nature journal article was loaded with the provocative and non-scientific terms, including 'climate change denier' - it's terminology completely disconnected from reality and specifically used to incite hatred and revulsion
Read here. The terms climate change 'denier' and 'denial' are used frequently for the sole purpose of denigrating opponents. They are terms of hate that the feeble-minded employ with delight, including the once highly esteemed science journal Nature.

In reality, the vast majority of 'IPCC global warming' skeptics are not climate change deniers, which honest, objective scientists and reporters know. Factually speaking, there are very few climate change deniers, if any, who can be identified and named - basically, they really don't exist.

As did many others, CAGW skeptic Joanne Nova took umbrage with a recent Nature "science" article that was loaded with variations of the term 'climate change denier'. She wrote an excellent letter to the lead author of the article, challenging his ignorance and biases. Below is a brief list summarizing her letter's main points that most skeptics believe/accept, plus additions by 'C3':

1.That the earth has warmed in the last century
2.That humans produce CO2
3.That CO2 levels are rising
4.That CO2 is a greenhouse gas and causes warming
5.That earth may experience a 1.2°C temperature increase from a doubling of CO2
6.That humans can cause climate change via other means than CO2
7.That natural/solar/cosmic forces are responsible for majority of warming since the end of the Little Ice Age

8.That modern warming is not "accelerating"
9.That modern warming is not "unprecedented"
10.That modern warming is not "unequivocal"
11.That past IPCC global climate model predictions have been spectacularly wrong
12.That climate model simulations are not empirical evidence
13.There is no empirical evidence supporting an temperature amplification from 1.2°C to 4°C
14.There is no empirical evidence of positive feedback from atmospheric water vapor
15.There is no empirical evidence for a human caused tropical atmosphere 'hot spot'
16.There is no empirical evidence for CO2-induced climate 'tipping points' (ie, runaway positive feedbacks)

•Finally, that the IPCC has zero climate observation datasets that support the last 4 points
•Finally, that the IPCC has zero studies based exclusively on empirical evidence (sans computer predictions) that support the last 4 points
So, what really is a 'climate change denier'?

Well it's not someone who believes the above, which represents the majority of skeptics (and 'lukewarmers') regarding the IPCC's human-caused catastrophic global warming "science". If there was actual empirical measurements and irrefutable studies (sans climate model simulations) supporting the IPCC's CAGW claims and predictions, then skeptics, and any of those in-the-bedroom-closet boogieman deniers, would likely not exist except in the conspiracy-addled brains of climate doomsday believers.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:00 pm 
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A few thoughts sorta on subject...

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