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Are you Prepared and Protected for a Changing World?
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Author:  ladyjoy [ Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Are you Prepared and Protected for a Changing World?

Are you Prepared for a changing world. Will you be able to adapt and assist? Or will you be in conflict and chaos like many others. There is a New Message for the Human Family (9200) pages. It is Vast and covers all aspects of what is going on now in this stage of Humanity's Evolution. It is a Warning, a Preparation and a Protection for the Human Family. I suggest reading this book, by starting at page 205 to the end. It will give you a greater understaning of the content in the book. Do not jump to conclusions until you have a greater scope of the New Message. Once you have the material inputed you will have a greater understanding to make the conclusions on the New Message.

It is time for Humanity to wake up to the Reality of our collective Situation and to start healing the Individual, the Race and the Planet.

Nature is starting to spin out of control. There is nothing not even Technolgy that can fix this. We must all make our footprints smaller, so that the Earth can provide for us all, and for those in the future. And so we can offset Nature getting worse.

Great Waves of Change, by Marshall Vian Summers, speaks about the reality of our times, and how to navigate through them.It is a Free Book.

At the Core of the New Message is Inner Knowledge. Our natural Inner Guidance system.Instinct, Intuition and gut feelings, are but the surface of our Inner Guidance system. Knowledge is the most powerful force in the Universe. It can not be overtaken, manipulated, corrupted, or controlled. No one and nothing can Influence it to do harm.. This greater deeper Intelligence that resides in all beings is what will assist the Individual in being prepared, and in navigating these times through this great threshold of evolution that we live in. It will bring Peace and Unity to a divided Race. We are all citizens of Planet Earth, and need to unite to preserve our world here and our Worlds place in the Universe. For a divided world can not withstand the changes to come, unless they are united in Knowledge. Knowledge within is the protection for the Individual and for our Race as we face a Universe of Intelligent Life.

The New Message is here to protect our Races Freedom, and Soverneignty , as well as our Individual freedom, our artistic, muscial, inventive, qualities. Knowledge gives the Individual the means to Know, see and act in any situation. The outcome is always for Good.

Here is some of the Intro to the book..
here is the link for the free bookhttp://greatwavesofchange.org

Great Waves of Change

Humanity has Crossed a CritiCal threshold where we will
have to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances. This will
require a united effort between governments and peoples to
bring new levels of skill, technology and cooperation to meet
the requirements of living in a radically changing world.

At the core of this united effort are the courage and the
ability within people to see what is coming, to know what to
do and to act wisely in the face of increasing uncertainty and
upheaval. Nature has given us this courage and this set of
abilities, but they have become latent and forgotten within the
human family. More than anything else, it is these abilities that
will determine how, and even if, humanity will prepare for the
Great Waves of change and the kind of world we will all have
to face as a result.

In facing the Great Waves of change, preparation is the
key. The preparation is not merely about fortifying your outer
life or attempting to build a sustainable lifestyle. Instead, it is
about preparing for a whole new reality. This new reality will
require that you become self-reliant and able to call upon a
deeper strength within yourself and within others, a strength
that few people are yet aware of. This strength is within you
now and has been with you all along. This book will reveal to
you where it can be found and how it can be used.

The preparation begins with what you see in the world and
what you are aware of within yourself. As you proceed, the
preparation strengthens your ability to be perceptive, resource-
ful and wise in responding to changing and unpredictable


If you can recognize the reality and the power of the Great
Waves to impact your life, this will naturally begin a long
process of re-evaluation regarding how you live, where you
live, your use of resources, the strength or weakness of your
relationships in helping you to prepare and the direction your
life really needs to follow.

In facing great change and uncertainty, particularly if it has
not been anticipated, people do not rely upon logic and reason
as much as upon assumptions, habits and the behavior of the
people around them. This is why the inner preparation is so
important. Without this inner preparation, people will tend to
wait until the last moment to react when their options will be few, if any.
When many people respond in this way, there is chaos.

We each have a greater intelligence within us called
Knowledge that is not afraid of the future or the challenge
of changing our lives. This native intelligence has the power
to move us or to restrain us when necessary and to enable
us to find the people and the opportunities that hold the
greatest promise for our lives.

The significance, power and application of this greater intelligence
go far beyond our notions of intuition and instinct.

Here the Great Waves of change, though dangerous and largely unforeseen,
hold the ultimate opportunity for those who can prepare to reclaim this
deeper intelligence to secure their lives and to find their unique
contribution to a world in need.

Here you will find, presented in the most clear and uncom-
promising manner, the gravity of the Great Waves of change
and the kinds of fundamental decisions each of us will have
to face and to make if we are to wisely prepare. There are
two minds within us: a worldly mind that is shaped by the
prevailing beliefs and attitudes of our families and culture
and a deeper, more powerful mind that is free from these
influences. Which voice within us we respond to and choose
to follow will make all the difference in our ability to see,
to know and to act wisely when others around us seem unable or
unwilling to do so.

This book confronts us with dangerous scenarios that
are the logical outcome of our collective failure to respond
adequately to the Great Waves of change that are already
beginning to impact our world. It speaks to the fundamental
question, “How will you know what to do in the difficult times
ahead?” Governments cannot tell you.

Scientists cannot tell you. Religious leaders cannot tell you.

How will you answer this question for yourself?

This book shows you how.

The message of The Great Waves of Change is direct and
challenging. Its assault upon human ignorance, assumptions
and arrogance is unrelenting. Yet this book gives us real
vision about the kind of world we will have to face and where,
above all other things, we will find the source of our strength,
wisdom and courage to navigate the difficult times ahead.
Those difficult times have now begun.

http://stepstoknowledge.com Also a free book to empower the Indiviual and to build a relationship with this deeper natural Intelligence we all have.

Speaking from experience of one year of Steps, I can confirm that it gives me Clairty of mind, Certainty within, Peace, Love and Compassion on a greater scale. It gives me a feeling within of being one with myself. It gives me a rightness and wholeness within. It gives me a great soaring Freedom within. It gives me experience of the Presence and the Power of this deeper greater connection with my Spiritual Being. For we are that before we come into the World to take on a Human Form.

What I have found is that seemingly and Naturally, anger, chaos, conflict and uncertainty within just fades away. Yes I still get angry but on a dimished scale, it no longer takes over. You become more objective at viewing situations, you no longer just jump to conclusions or assumptions but wait to see the deeper side of all situations. It defuses anger so easily. It takes away the Self Doubt and Self Hatred, and Self Mistrust in the Individual replacing it with Self Love, Self trust, and certainty within. This is the greates Gift to the Individual that Humanity has ever recieved. It is time in our Evolution that Humanity become a more Peaceful, Certain, United Race. So Collectively we can withstand any changes coming to the Human Family. Yet the Individual remains their own personality, for we are all unique expressions of Life, expressing life with our own Uniqueness. It makes you wiser and more intelligent in dealing with all situations. Peace to all.

Lady J

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Are you Prepared and Protected for a Changing World?

Fruitcake SPAM. #-o =; [-X :crazy: :x

Author:  ladyjoy [ Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Are you Prepared and Protected for a Changing World?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but I am curious to know if that opinion is based on you actually reading some of the materials, or was it based on your assumption. Without knowing anything about what it actually states? Assumptions. When quickly made are really not based on reality but on ideas. We humans tend to do this. Jump to conclusions without all the facts. :-)

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Are you Prepared and Protected for a Changing World?

Read around in it, and it is complete fruitcake insanity. This was after I realized the omission of overpopulation as a cause and when intelligent life from the universe is supposed to come and help was written.
Good site for some reference in Fig 2; Current 30+ billion tons per year of carbon, PETM 2+ BTY. (15 times as much, before CH4 self release point, then increasing vastly)
Temperature rise to PETM level which took 17K yrs. in less than 1K yrs. (then much more at 1 to 1.5K years)
Then in Table 1; PETM Rate of Warming .025*C per 100 yrs. and now 1 to 4*C per 100 years.(present temperature rise 40 times PETM, increasing to 160 times PETM)
Causes; PETM geologic vulcanism, CO2 to CH4 hydrates releases, probable seismic mechanic mass release of CH4 hydrate.
AETM; Human fossil fuel burning and slash and burn mass agriculture to feed overpopulation, leading to CH4 hydrates self release.
From other sources PETM had a 30% extinction and AETM will have up to a 90% extinction because of the time differential and life's ability with time to adapt, and not to adapt with too little time of AETM.
The total carbon in the form of CH4 hydrates is more than PETM, lower starting temperature, also, and will lead to a much larger temperature rise as PETM, with longer sequestration time(150-180K yrs. PETM, 200K+ yrs. AETM) and much longer time to regain species diversity(2 million years PETM, 3 million+ years AETM)
Note use of new term from the change to Anthropocene Epoch terminology.
Possibilities of change; early population crash to stop 90% of emissions before 2020 from huge volcanic eruption which also keeps aerosols in atmosphere for many years, or worse, a nuclear war which does similar. There is one Icelandic volcano that is due that might possibly do it. Keep several years of food supplies with protection, and pray for this.
Change for even worse would be a partial population crash which allows more fossil fuels to be burned until most depleted, and progression to runaway greenhouse effect. Pray for this not to happen.
Economic depression and several due geologic events, La Palma and Cascadia, could do this, and are due.
Another more remote possibility is Yellowstone super eruption coming early(within 300 years or so), which could restore the Ice Age/Interglacial cycle. If it happens in 2K+ years as is probable, it will not cool down the biosphere enough because thermageddon will be well established.
Another remote possibility is a meteorite strike large enough to do similar aerosols.
Hansen told us how to deal with AGW back in his TV Special in 2006. A 90% reduction in fossil fuel use within a decade.
In his book, "Storms of My Grandchildren" he said to immediately replace most coal fired power plants with Gen IV nuclear and the rest of our energy needs with solar, wind, and various hydro power. He also said population reduction is absolutely necessary to not only reduce energy demand, but depletion and other pollution.
So the answers have been out there a long time, and only selfish stupidity has kept them from being implemented in time.
If you read about the end results of insufficient action, there is no ability to adapt for the length of time thermageddon will affect the biosphere.
I suppose you can pray for an act of God type geological event, or prepare yourself spiritually for near future man caused calamities and death, like in the book by the Boulder semi-informed minister........

We went to a one child only family in 1988, joined NPG and read the solar living sourcebook and earthship in 1993, spiritual awakening 1996 with AA, self built solar house and Earthship 1997-2000, composters and 3 Rs, good mileage cars since 1978 and hybrid since 2009. 2 years supply of food. well water and back up systems and defense weapons. If everyone did what I did when I did it, the world would have peaked in population and gone down along with pollution and depletion. There would be no mass die off ahead before mid century and no AETM thermageddon ELE ahead. :mrgreen:

Author:  Wayne Stollings [ Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Are you Prepared and Protected for a Changing World?

ladyjoy wrote:
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...but I am curious to know if that opinion is based on you actually reading some of the materials, or was it based on your assumption. Without knowing anything about what it actually states? Assumptions. When quickly made are really not based on reality but on ideas. We humans tend to do this. Jump to conclusions without all the facts. :-)

In my experience there is usually more of the latter than the former with certain general groups.

My grandmother travelled by horse in her youth and her brother told me of the first automobile he saw, pulled out of a mudhole with his horses, and then purchased as the owner did not want to continue the journey. They both lived to see the highway system, regular air travel, and a man walk on the moon. I know of life before computers and instant communication nearly everywhere and a space station in orbit. I still wonder at what changes I may still see and those my children may see. Some changes have been good and others not to good so there does need to be some planning.

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