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Lions, tigers, bears aaaan "genetically modified" trees!
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Author:  Wayne Stollings [ Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Lions, tigers, bears aaaan "genetically modified" trees!

At about 32:50, Percy makes the statement on what the Judge ruled in the case concerning the means by which the GMO seeds could be introduced to imply this was an integral portion of the litigation, which it was not. It was to refute the defense of concentrating the seeds was the result of an accidental contamination so there was no violation of the use of the patented seed. The court ruling was only on the intentional gathering and concentration of those specific seed in the attempt to by-pass the Monsanto use agreements.

At about 33:30, Percy makes the claim that if 1% of the crop is contaminated that Monsanto therefore owns the remaining 99%, which is completley unrelated to the case or the ruling because the percentages were almost reversed.

At about 34:00 Percy makes the claim that Monsanto claims ownership of the plant which grew from the seed. Again there is nothing in the litigation or ruling to support such a position.

What was evident from the litigation is that Percy tried to by-pass the use agreement and grow GMO crops on his own and he got caught at it. Doesn't that make him a poor representative for such an anti-GMO video just on that basis?

Author:  Milton Banana [ Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Lions, tigers, bears aaaan "genetically modified" trees!

The reason Monsanto is so successful is that they've come up with a better product. In other words, a cheaper way to bring corn and soybeans to market. Now, if you are a farmer and you don't like Monsanto, you have two options: you can buy your seed from Pioneer or you can go back to using insecticides and herbicides. Pioneer has a similar seed, though I'm not sure if it is their own design or they licensed the technology from Monsanto.

My uncle is a farmer and I asked him if he used Monsanto seeds. He said, "Hell yes I use them. I save a boat load of money not having to hire a crop duster." Bt corn. The "argument" here seems centered on "unnaturalness", which I might buy if we were talking about Twinkies or Slim Jim's. However, the fact is that Bt corn uses a naturally occurring bacteria to kill the Corn Root Worm. To repeat, it uses a bacteria that occurs naturally in nature, and is modified to be Round Up resistant.

My views are certainly biased through experience and education of my uncle. It's odd that the theme of the day is anti-Monsanto. Where is the anti- Dupont (Pioneer), Syngenta, or Dow Agri-Science? They are big companies who do the same thing. Never mind, you have your bogeyman. Plenty of farmers grow conventional crops. Somehow they have found a way to avoid the bogeyman. Good for them, it's their choice.

This product has been tested and approved by the FDA long ago. If it can be found that GMO food has caused harm, there are about a million lawyers in this country that would be able to represent your claim. Happens all the time when products are found to harm consumers. Where's the lawsuits and settlements? Oh yea, the bogeyman has lawyers that prevent it from losing any and all litigation?

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