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Not a prophet, just knowing the nature of making a profit
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Author:  FrankGSterleJr [ Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Not a prophet, just knowing the nature of making a profit

A copy of a recent letter I sent to a newspaper ...

I just read a letter in a newspaper stating that B.C.’s Fraser River salmon basically do just fine in unnaturally-created shallow waters; however, I’m fairly certain that the more shallow the water, the warmer that water is susceptible to become.
Along with fish farming and pollution, my late (2003) father, who commercially salmon fished for about a half-century, was particularly concerned about the negative repercussions of over-warming of waters on wild salmon—a situation experienced in the Fraser River late last summer. The other great problem is getting an eco-hazardous federal government such as ours to act to preserve salmon stocks rather than hinder their survival with the likes of seemingly unconditional mass-scale natural resource extraction and shipment.
I can picture my dad whirling in his urn if he could still observe what our governments are allowing—and much more frightening, going to allow—various industrial interests to do to cause serious damage, perhaps irrevocably, to our precious salmon habitat; and, topping it all off, apparently to a degree beyond what Dad likely ever thought possible.
So many very-early mornings, I’d briefly get up for a washroom break and see the light breaking through underneath his bedroom door and into the hallway’s darkness, with my father on the other side very slowly typewriting missives to various politicians. I must’ve proofread and made many grammar corrections to almost a couple hundred letters of his over the years, just on this topic alone.
Although I’d assure him that the politicians do not have or will not give their time to personally respond to each concerned writer; that they almost certainly had hired staff to read the missives and use an ‘issue-template’ letter return system, with a specific template ready to respond to every potential issue. All they’d likely do is type-in the letter-writer’s name and address and print it out to mail back.
Nonetheless, my father typed on about what were to him the greatest fish-habitat concerns of the day.

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