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Seeking Eco-Friendly Policies for a Hotel
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Author:  Green Man [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Seeking Eco-Friendly Policies for a Hotel

Hi, folks. I recently resigned from the kitchen staff of a hotel. I decided to use my exit interview with the general manager to also discuss eco-friendly policies for him to consider.

For instance, the kitchen goes through loads of fresh fruit, but the scraps go right to the dump, so I plan to recommend a local composting business. I've heard about some restaurants composting all of their food waste from customers, but I don't fully understand this since animal products don't tend to compost as well as plant scraps.

The hotel also has a terrible problem with unfixed leaky faucets. I took some measurements of the leaks while working there, then called the city water department and got an idea of how much money is literally being dumped down the drain.

I also know that some hotels recycle their guest' partially used soap through Clean the World. In case my hotel doesn't already do this, I want him to be informed of it.

One other issue that bothers me tremendously is the disposal of fully prepared food. The hotel often makes large quantities and throws the remainder away. Employees are forbidden from taking anything home (I made it a hobby to sneak food home that was headed for the garbage can). I've heard flimsy arguments about legality and food poisoning, but I see no logical reason why employees can't save perfectly good food from further bloating the dumpster.

Lastly, aside from cardboard, they don't recycle anything in the kitchen, including the many glass and plastic containers that fill up the garbage bins. Perhaps it's too much to ask that they clean and recycle these containers, but they sure do use up a lot of garbage space.

Can anyone else offer sustainable suggestions on hotel policy related to the kitchen or any other parts of the business? Or do you have any additional points to make on my list of suggestions?


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