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Choice of Norway: environment or arms race?
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Author:  AgentOrange [ Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:04 am ]
Post subject:  Choice of Norway: environment or arms race?


The Globus III radar at Vardo, Norway's region Finnmark, is expected to be completed by 2020, Norwegian media reports. This is a joint project of the US Air Force Space Command and the Norwegian Intelligence Service. Oslo explains that the new radar will be charged with gathering information for use in research and development. But the official American document offers a different version. The radar Globus is closely linked to the radar in Florida. Both stations are subordinate to the 1st Space Control Squadron in Colorado. This unit, in turn, is subordinate to the 21st Space Wing, whose sole mission is to warn of nuclear-armed ICBM attacks against the US, and military threats in space. Therefore the US wants to use the radar in Norway in its own interests in the region, which violates the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. The actions may trigger an arms race and will undoubtedly increase tensions in the region.

Experts say that such constructions have a rather harmful impact on human health and environment as a whole. There has already been some ecological research of Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan. The station's activity in Gabala and neighboring districts: Agdash, Goychay, Ujar, Ismailli, Kurdamir has resulted in the increase of some diseases over the past five years: cancer - 9 times, nervous disorder - 14 times, kidney disease - 13 times, circulatory disease - 7 times, number of disabled persons has increased 19-fold, number of deaths and infertility cases has increased as well. "Reflected waves of the radars' electromagnetic radiation can lead to irreversible consequences" - scientists say.

Norway can have problems with some organizations and forums like the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Nordic Council of Ministers for Environment and Climate and undoubtedly with the Arctic Council, given the attention to environmental issues in the region.

It turns out that the Nordic kingdom can provoke a lot of criticism for violating the environmental law in the region as well as its actions can provoke an arms race. In that case Norway takes the risk of not only getting to the center of international scandal but also of weakening its own positions both in the region and in the world.

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