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PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:22 pm 
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I listened to TED radio this morning and it was all about global warming. Plenty of talk, plenty of good talk and plenty of possible solutions. Now I'm not picking on this show in particular, but the anti-global warming community as a whole.

Why is it these things are avoided:

1) Population. We have way too many people on the planet for our own good. The only real long-term solution to our problem is to reduce the number of humans. A global one-child policy sounds to me like a good policy. I admit it ain't gonna happen, but we ask people to do other things, why not add this to the conversation?

2) Trees. Put a tax on cutting down trees and encourage people to plant more. I see developers bulldoze hundreds of acres to build a new housing project for our over-population and killing thousands of carbon sequestering trees

3) Grass fed beef. I hear people telling us we should quit eating beef. They say beef is bad for the planet. Really? Did zillions of bison kill the planet before the Europeans got to the USA? The statistics they quote are always from corn fed beef.

There are zillions of acres of grasslands on the planet. If the beef is 100% grass-fed, it can graze on grasslands with zero additional water, zero fertilizer, and zero herbicides. To grow food crops on those grasslands requires extensive use of water (our most precious resource), fertilizer, herbicides, labor, and gas guzzling farm equipment like tractors. The beef cattle can graze on this land for only what mother nature provides.

4) White paint. I read a couple of University studies that said if we all paint our roofs white, it would buy us about 100 years by reflecting heat back out of the atmosphere

5) Air conditioning. The energy used to run air conditioners in the US far exceeds the energy needed for all of our industry. I read that globally 37% of the electricity produced goes to power air conditioners. In addition, those AC units are spewing heat out which is warming the atmosphere. This sounds like a typical feedback loop
  • it's hot
  • turn the AC on to cool off
  • The AC makes the world a little hotter
  • Turn the AC up (leaving the thermostat the same, but the unit is cooling the air more degrees than before)
  • The AC is now working harder, consuming more power, and making the world hotter
  • Turn the AC up (leaving the thermostat the same, but the unit is cooling the air even more degrees than before)
  • The AC is now working even harder, consuming more power, and making the world hotter
  • Turn the AC up (leaving the thermostat the same, but the unit is cooling the air even more degrees than before)
  • The AC is now working even harder, consuming more power, and making the world hotter ... ... ... ... ... ...
  • You have a ever escalating feedback loop

What else can we do that they never mention? I'm sure I haven't thought about everything.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 9:12 am 
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Member with over 1000 posts!
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Hi, Bob. Overpopulation has been the elephant in the room since 1966. Nixon addressed the gutless democrats on it in 1969, and no one since. If we would have led the world with one child families back then, the CO2 from overpopulation's demands would not have been so high. Now we have 6.8 billion Hiroshima size atom bombs worth of heat added to the oceans, and gaining 5 per second. It has been melting the sea ice of the Arctic since 1980, and the PIOMAS projection is for zero ice 2024. Latent heat should then add (in two to three years) 1*F to the already warmed 1*F ocean water at 50m deep in ESAS, where it has been scientifically quantified to have 1400GTs of methane clathrate deposits, many adjacent to each other, which will begin almost explosive expansion 164 times in volume, and reach the atmosphere as a ghg 100 times CO2 the first year. Well over enough to cause global heat gain to thermal max at more than 1/2*C per year, adding to the +1.75*C from 1750 baseline we have now. 5 years after zero ice and two or three years into runaway methane releases, crops will start failing globally, with the southern hemisphere lagging 18 months. Then heat gain will continue to the beginning of extinction of surface life a couple years later. Lagging to ocean extinction. Thermal max will be at 100% humidity and 100% global cloud cover at about +14*C from 1750, and last over 100K years, until deep ocean cold eventually stops it. The coastal Canfield SO2 oceans, continuous storms and methane releases earlier in the episode. When the clouds open up, cyanobacteria will take several million years to restore oxygen and more to re-evolve surface life.
The only two things I see that can stop methane runaway are a man made, with buried H bombs, "Toba Event", or Divine Intervention by God. The "Toba Event" has prerequisites and post requisites that need to be done successfully to keep the melt from coming back, done by the 70 million or so underground survivors of the 6 to 11 year global winter required. You will not find many "global warming" people talking about this radical action, but in the time left before methane runaway, the choice is limited to these two. Otherwise it will probably be a worse then Permian style ELE.
In the meantime people should still do everything they can to lower emissions, eco footprints and population. If you are not an atheist, pray for Divine Intervention, in addition to strength and guidance in lowering your eco-footprint significantly.

"With every decision, think seven generations ahead of the consequences of your actions" Ute rule of life.
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”― Chief Seattle
“Those Who Have the Privilege to Know Have the Duty to Act”…Albert Einstein

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