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Fertilizer produces more methan than cow farts and burps
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Author:  Bob-a-rama [ Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Fertilizer produces more methan than cow farts and burps

OK, it's time to educate the veggie people telling us to quit eating beef because the cow farts are ruining the planet. It seems that the manufacturing fertilizer for crops puts 100 times more methane in the atmosphere than cow gas.

The correction should specify "corn fed beef" because it isn't the cow farts causing the problem, but the methane released in the manufacture of fertilizers to grow the corn that puts the most methane in the atmosphere.

People tend to equate methane with cow farts (though their burps are worse), but we may be pointing our fingers in all the wrong places, according to a new study. The production of ammonia for fertilizer may result in up to 100 times more emissions than has been previously estimated for this sector. And that alone is more than what the Environmental Protection Agency estimates all industries emit across the U.S.

On the other hand, 100% grass-fed beef exists on grasslands that need zero additional water, zero fertilizer and zero herbicides. To grow crops on these nutrient poor lands requires tons of water, tons of fertilizer, tons of herbicides, and tons of gas guzzled in farm equipment.

It turns out that eating grass-fed beef is actually good for the environment. Please help educate the well-meaning anti-beef environmentalist that believe the skewed statistics that take into consideration cow farts but not the fertilizer used to grow crops.

Per a study published in Elementa done by Cornell University and the Environmental Defense Fund


Please help fight the noble war, don't let Big Ag have their way and turn our precious grasslands into farmlands when growing beef on those grasslands will help save our planet from global warming.


Author:  Wayne Stollings [ Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fertilizer produces more methan than cow farts and burps

I pointed out these very same things when the discussion was concerning the impacts based on the ethics of eating animals years ago here. They still hold true regardless. Eating grass fed beef is healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and ethical.

Author:  Bob-a-rama [ Fri Jun 14, 2019 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fertilizer produces more methan than cow farts and burps

The question is, how do we get the word out when the veggie lobby bribes so many "health agencies" and the media is so purchased as well.

Personally I don't care if an individual eats beef or not, vegetarians have a right to their belief system, but to force or coerce other through fraud (I don't call it fake-news, that minimizes) is wrong. To get people to quit eating beef to save the environment, when plowing and farming those grasslands does exactly the opposite, causing 100 times more greenhouse gasses are getting people to act against their own best interests through fraud.

So how do we turn the tide? Are there enough of us willing to speak up? And will it do any good when Big Ag has zillions of dollars to throw to the fraudsters.

I eat 100% grass fed beef. Not only does it taste better, not only does it have more omega 3 fatty acids, not only does it have CLA which is a healthy nutrient, but it's better for the planet.

We aren't saving the Earth, we are saving our own asses.

I do believe we are at the dawn of human extinction. I'm glad I was born in the 1940s, I got to see the Earth when it wasn't as overpopulated. Now I get to see the beginning of the end. Hopefully the worst will wait until I'm gone.


Author:  Bob-a-rama [ Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fertilizer produces more methan than cow farts and burps

Now we have veggie burgers heavily promoted, plant-based diet heavily promoted, and meat promoted as the bad guy of the planet.

Grazing lands are being tilled at the expense of water, methane producing fertilizer, herbicides, and creating much more pollution than the cows ever did.

The cows eat the grass, fertilize the grass with their feces and urine, and basically need nothing on that hard to till and. It's not until they go to the feed lot and eat farmed corn that they become a problem to the environment.

The solution is to eat 100% grass-fed beef NOT finished with grain.

But the veggie people and corporate Big-Ag are going to shove the "plant based diet" solution down our throats.

BTW, I've been keto since the 1980s and haven't caught a cold or the flu since. My doctor says I have a heart and circulatory system of a man 20 years my junior. IMO All that propaganda about fat being bad for you is hogwash. There has never been a study that proves the fat is bad in humans or animals. It's all conjecture.

It's propaganda, and unfortunately, the sheep-people just believe it. We're currently losing the war.


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