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Water occupied by the human body
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Author:  Deadpool49 [ Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Water occupied by the human body

Just curious how much impact this has but, has anyone considered that typical uses take and return water in the environment in some form or another. Matter can be occupied or circulated but never comes from nothing or becomes something else, water for example can become ice, vapor or various bodily and herbal fluids but it is always water. Before mankind the earth contained a specific amount of water, today the same amount exists but its type and location have been altered.

Each year at present nearly 135mil babies are born occupying approx 0.64gal of water and at age 21 occupy roughly 180gal each, only 55mil adults occupying roughly 160gal each die. Nearly 15bil gal of water is reallocated into human bodies that then require food, energy, etc. annually. Meanwhile the oceans rise approximately 3.4mm and contain 97% of water on earth which is salty and unpotable for use.

In an average day every person on earth is utilizing roughly 80gal of fresh water which is less than half their own body water volume which at 322bil gal a day means nearly a trillion gallons of water are in use daily with over 65% of that retaining a static state within our bodies.

My question for experts is what is our planet's threshold between circulatory usage and static occupancy, I understand the concepts in population control in the past has been tantamount to taboo but at what level of world population will we become dependant on desalinated water being moved inland in order to sustain cities without coastal access and will we poses the means to develope and maintain enough facilities to make it happen between now and then given resource and labor limitations and forgiving economical monetary or bartered limitations when America is struggling to keep our roadway infrastructure from expiring under a concrete halflife that went unplanned for?

Author:  Bob-a-rama [ Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Water occupied by the human body

I'm in favor of after the first baby, do DNA testing and sterilize both parents. Worldwide.

Of course this will never happen.

My dad used to raise tropical fish. When there are too many fish in the tank, there are problems. The Earth is our tank and there are too many fish.


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