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Ware do I stand
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Author:  fairy3853 [ Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Ware do I stand

Hi guys, im new to the forum and have joined for the sole purpose of finding out abit of information of ware I stand in regards to my neighbour.

My next door neighbour has 2 fermale kittens about 5/6 mth old. For the last few weeks she has been spending more and more time away from home, to the point ware we dont think shes activly living there anymore, although still keeping the house.

In the mean time, these 2 kittens are outside to fend for themselves. Last week we took one of the kittens in on the Sunday afternoon after hearing it crying all day so I posted her a note saying ware it was, she diddnt come home till late wednesday evening. I dont know how long the kitten had been out prior to me taking her in as id been in hospital for 2 days.

Neighbour as now gone again and left a small bowl of food out for both cats, whiuch has already gone. And im very concerned for these 2 kittens.

What I want to know is, If I contact the RSPCA and they find that she is neglecting the kittens, can I ask to rehome one of them? And if so is it likely to happen, also whats the likely hood of the RSPCA taking any action based on what iv said as the last thing I want is for the neighbour to dissapear altogeather and take the cats with her only for them to be in the same situation.

The other thing I want to know is ware do I stand if I re-home the kitten (another neighbour has said she will have the other kitten) have her spayed, chipped & vaccinated, am I breaking any laws by just claiming her? Can my neighbour come back and demand her back?

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