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California Ban on Foie Gras Overturned
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Author:  animal-friendly [ Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: California Ban on Foie Gras Overturned

animal-friendly wrote:
Wayne Stollings wrote:
animal-friendly wrote:
You are very short on understanding Wayne, probably deliberately obtuse.

I will not spend the time explaining to you how people who are concerned about environmental, animal and human degradation and exploitation, are nothing more than a bunch of conformists.

Have a lovely day.

Right, because those people who are concerned about those issues WANT people to agree with them ....
and dislike the less than ethical changing of definitions to make them seem like anarchists. Since this is the meaning given my use in context.

Anarchy is but a word ..... Regardless of who brought it up.


: to agree with something

"behavior that is the same as the behavior of most other people in a society, group, etc."

Most people "conform" to our present day treatment of animals. They don't ask questions. They simply conform.

You ignore all of the other definitions available?

What? Are there other definitions available? Denotations and connotations? Even so, most people conform.

You use a different term and pick a specific portion of the definition to claim I am incorrect in the usage? The personal addition to the definition is not accurate or correct either. There is no indication that conforming means blind or unthinking action.

Denotation and ...... It is really easy when everyone else is doing it. Easy to conform. We agreed to slavery. We conformed then. We conform now. Or do we? You might check your dictionary, and while you do so, remember that the word is not the actual thing.

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