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Author:  Deerhunter [ Thu Feb 19, 2004 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  Hello

Well i'm an avid hunter i love it more then just about anything. Even if its a bad day hunting, any day you get to hunt is a good day. I also like to ride motorcycles and atv's. Got a brand new truck so i can haul my toys around. I'm a mechanic. 19yrs old. Though i hunt and all that i don't believe in being cruel or torturing animals i've even made unnecessary shots on animals to put them down. Such as the time i shot a deer through the lungs it went down immediatly i knew it was dead or about dead but somehow it found the energy to stick its head back up so i put one through its head. Didn't need to but i don't like things to suffer. Though hearing alot of B.S. about hunting and stuff does make me want to go out and do things just to irritate you. Like have a pigeon shoot and tie fishing line to their legs so if i miss i can pull them back down and they can have another go around at it. But if i did that i'd just be something for you people to use as ammo against us.

Author:  DELETED [ Thu Feb 19, 2004 12:28 am ]
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Author:  rpmquad [ Thu Feb 19, 2004 1:02 am ]
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we like to ride are atv's in the local game perserve...we will ride all over that place chasing deer and mountin lions,bobcats hell just about anything with legs..the best is when you get a large group and chase the deer so long they just stop out of pure exaustion...dont hunt them much anymore i stick to upland game,cyotes and some beaver trapping..we use the econo-bear dam set traps..they work extremly well..just break open the dam to get the water flowing then set the traps in the water in front of the break they swim up to fix the dam and wam the trap snaps then drowns them..fur prices are down a bit so now its mostly for fun and some profiet :D....by the way zaxturd hate is such a strong word :(

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