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I'm Mike, i'm the owner of earth-list.com
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Author:  earth-list.com [ Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  I'm Mike, i'm the owner of earth-list.com

How do I go green? Where does the average person start?
-The average person can start by using green products and services in their everyday lives.
Okay, but where can I find green businesses in my area?

My name is Mike, I'm the owner and founder of http://www.earth-list.com We are an earth-friendly-business directory where you can find local organic, alternative energy, and recycling products and services(and much more!). I'm here to let everyone know about my website and a little bit about how I got into this.

I got started with earth-list.com while looking into converting a diesel Mercedes to run on waste vegetable oil. I found that it's hard to find organized information or LOCAL products and services for cleaner alternative energy products. I decided to create my own directory, and I also decided to take things a step further creating a directory for ALL earth-friendly/friendlier products and services. As an average guy myself, I created earth-list.com to be for the average person looking to support cleaner lifestyles whenever possible. It's difficult to change the way we live all at once, so doing your part in little ways at first is a start.

We are about to open the national directory this month with 15 new cities! We would really like to hear YOUR feedback on the directory, please check it out and let us know what you think.


Mike D'Ascanio

owner: earth-list.com


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