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You must have known already?
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Author:  mothy [ Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  You must have known already?


Embedded journalists versus the freelance private journalists.

Seems to me the embedded ones were either gullible, naive or just downright dangerous and perhaps worse sychophantic.

John Pilger is a journalist I hold in high regard. This video reveals nothing new to me in the respect that the controlled mainstream media pulls wool over the sheeps eyes!

What I want to know is why David Icke in his revelations of 'infinite consciousness' never mentions animals? 'Swipe that cat off the armchair, he is in my way!'

I am and you are not!

If it wasn't so serious I would laugh. But laughter is like a good pee. It's a temporary release from stress.

Just to clarify the laughter was directed at the icke bit not the video which I found very draining and dare I say it apodeictic

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