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PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:11 am 
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The authors reviewed the outcomes of the 7,482 death sentences from 1973 to 2004 and concluded that with enough time and resources, at least 4.1 percent of death row inmates would have been exonerated. Instead of the 117, or 1.6 percent, which were actually exonerated, more than 200 additional prisoners would have been cleared during those three decades.


The rate of erroneous conviction of innocent criminal defendants is often described as not merely unknown but unknowable. There is no systematic method to determine the accuracy of a criminal conviction; if there were, these errors would not occur in the first place. As a result, very few false convictions are ever discovered, and those that are discovered are not representative of the group as a whole. In the United States, however, a high proportion of false convictions that do come to light and produce exonerations are concentrated among the tiny minority of cases in which defendants are sentenced to death. This makes it possible to use data on death row exonerations to estimate the overall rate of false conviction among death sentences. The high rate of exoneration among death-sentenced defendants appears to be driven by the threat of execution, but most death-sentenced defendants are removed from death row and resentenced to life imprisonment, after which the likelihood of exoneration drops sharply. We use survival analysis to model this effect, and estimate that if all death-sentenced defendants remained under sentence of death indefinitely, at least 4.1% would be exonerated. We conclude that this is a conservative estimate of the proportion of false conviction among death sentences in the United States.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:52 pm 
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Member with over 1000 posts!
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With DNA, et al, the false convictions are much lower.
I wrote to Gore in 1995 to outlaw all V8s and give a quick 22 bullet execution to all three time burglars on up and release all convicted of victimless crimes.
We need a zero birth rate and zero immigration with kicking out all illegals with fines applied and fines to the traitors who encouraged them, like friggin 'bama. U O us 150 billion---all who encouraged owe that, sanctuary city govts. etc.
More than half of illegals are guilty of felony phony IDs and other felonies and misdemeanors, which makes their average fine more like 8K. Property confiscation is allowed by law to help pay fines.
The crooks average three kids when we need none, and half of them end up in prison, too. Cut their balls off!!!

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