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This caught my eye as very interesting - Songbirds
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Author:  Archer [ Tue May 02, 2006 2:11 pm ]
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granola wrote:
Archer wrote:
granola wrote:
Archer wrote:
They are a very invasive, non-native species that is hard on native birds. That's reason enough for me to shoot them.

The interesting thing is that they are native somewhere and have a useful ecological niche. Now here is CA they are a pain in the butt but someone somewhere has to think they are useful. Now the questions is where?

Europe. You may not have heard them called by their full name, but they are European starlings. They were introduced here many years ago when they shouldn't have.

I heard that someone in New York, a very long time ago. Had an obsession with the Birds mention in William Shakespeare plays and that is how the Starlings where introduced to North America. I did not know if they where native to the UK or all of Europe.

I've heard the same thing. Don't know for sure, though.

Author:  Archer [ Tue May 02, 2006 2:12 pm ]
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supertwist wrote:
On a happy note, I finally saw a goldfinch yesterday. A female goldfinch was perched in our crabapple tree which is just budding. I was thrilled because while this is technically part of the goldfinch range, it's unusual to see them.

We have a few down here. They are one of the prettiest birds around.

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