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How do you conserve natural resources?
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Author:  Protectthepolars [ Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  How do you conserve natural resources?

Conserving our natural resources is crucial IMO. I try to live a low consumption lifestyle. By living low consumption you are naturally environmentally friendly. What ways to you reduce consumption to help conserve our resources?

Author:  solidum [ Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How do you conserve natural resources?

1) Have two or less children.
2) Protect the principle of information freedom.
2) Protect the principle of private property.
3) Set your own consumption limit.

This is a very difficult question, it rest against the interaction with society.

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How do you conserve natural resources?

To conserve natural resources requires using them at a rate at or below regeneration, recharge, and replenishment. With the soils and aquifers it would need to be 100 times less, and less than that to allow the recharge of aquifers and the natural rebuilding of soils. Fossil fuels have been being used at 50,000 times their natural regeneration rate, so to allow regeneration would require using them more than 50,000 times less. Then there is the absorption and processing rates of various pollution. The CO2 has gone up at 30 times the planetary ability to process with the world's plants and the number of trees that naturally kept the atmosphere have more than half been cut down, so not only would the trees need to be planted, 3 trillion of them, but time to remove the CO2 with no more emissions or very low. CO2 to carbonate factories would need to help and even then it would take hundreds of years. The biggest one is the increased CO2 has caused the world's oceans to add heat of more than 6 billion Hiroshima size atom bombs that is presently melting the sea ice cover, in another 5 years, of 1500 GTs of methane hydrate on shallow continental shelves, that then the latent heat effect will cause to go into massive releases going exponential, with the CO2e of 100 for the first year, and then the release of 10K methane swellings in the permafrost containing another 1K GTs of CH4. As the heat trapping goes south, the global temperature increases at a rate of 1*F per year. then faster. The rise from just CO2 is 4*F since 1750 pre-industrial with half masked by soots of combustion. Crop plants quit growing with another 3*F of rise and species with another 4*F. As the temperature goes up toward a thermal max from 100% global humidity and total 100,000' thick cloud cover stops solar heat gain, at +25*F from preindustrial temperature. Half way up most surface life goes extinct except for some bacteria and tardigrades. The oceans take more time and thermal vent life stays on and SO2 producing bacteria thrive in many shoreline areas causing acid rain. Deep underground extremophiles also live on and seed the evolution of surface life again after several million years. The initial cool down of a storm ridden planet takes over 100K years and people living in the many underground fortresses die off one by one as supplies run out or power systems fail. Then there is the problem of the nuclear waste and power plants and bombs, which would need to be made safe away from new shorelines and needed to power the waste using Gen 4 power to build CO2 removal factories, drone factories to replant trees and OMTEC refrigeration units to keep the oceans cool enough to prevent uncovering the methane clathrate deposits after a 10 year global winter event from either a super volcano or man made with buried nukes. That is the best case scenario, a Toba style bottleneck rather than the extinction of 99% of life because of human gross overpopulation's demands. The survivors would need to be strong and smart and adopt a new morality and spirituality of replenish the Earth on page one of the Old Testament skipped over by so many for so long. There is enough for about 50 million underground that could last the ten years while many species are dormant. One glacial cycle would be skipped. If too much cooling is done, then the glacial cycle due, begins. Not enough, and the melting comes back and releases the methane, and the Permian style end continues. The chances of stopping the progression of the MT Event without an added radiation event of long term, is not good. Humanity has a history of doing too little, too late. Those with incomplete knowledge and hopium think it will be as easy as everyone switching to green power and practices without massive population decline. They protest and want everything done for them without the severe sacrifices and hard work and intelligence needed. The things they want should have happened Earth Day One, and most protesting kids should never have been born. The greed should have ended back then, and the heat gain and momentum still left would not have happened. Now mass death is inevitable, and extinction of most life probable unless there is a Toba Event with attendant preparation and post event efforts of several hundred years.

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