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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:00 pm 
Member with over 1000 posts!
Member with over 1000 posts!
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It was an idea to spread knowledge so people would take action like go solar, very low meat diets, travel far less, build super insulated solar heated houses out of tires and straw bales and other recycled materials and indigenous materials, go one or none with children, and be activists for going to green very low emissions lifestyles. I joined 14 years ago and everything has gotten worse. Letters to papers and politicians, talks, posts in other groups, living the life of walking the talk.
People wanted to do little things, trimming instead of taking out the root. Installing their own non-emissions power was deemed too hard or too expensive when it wasn't. Building like that was deemed too hard of work, and people wanted it done for them. No one wanted to sacrifice and truly live the 3 Rs life of Earth Day One. The CO2 went up relentlessly with overpopulation as hidden aquifers ran down and soils degraded and were deprived of true compost organics as chemical additions increased to kill soil life and in wells and be in estuaries and drinking water. Dead zones increased vastly in number and size while airline flights increased dramatically. V-8s made a comeback with uncaring greedy people, people blithely kept having two or more kids without thought or unselfish caring about future generations. Denialists :twisted: still have the most money, and most won't believe it until they are hit by floods, hurricanes, fires, crop failures and wet bulb events. The majority of those who believe and somewhat understand what is happening are filled with hopium. There is comfort in ignorance of the totality of the phenomena. =P~ The easy way out and mainly not connecting human numbers, with greed and stupidity/ignorance, to ignoring the methane clathrate deposits and not understanding the danger of a Permian style ELE from our actions over time. It was always way in the future, and now we are very close to that future that used to be far away. #-o Arguing about it never got anything done, and just wasted time needed for radical change of human behavior. [-X It is at a point where people should pray to God, as they understand Him, for a Miracle to restore the planet. [-o< Plus continue to work toward very low emissions with the old 3 Rs of environmentalism. \:D/ If only to ease your consciences. O:) :mrgreen:

"With every decision, think seven generations ahead of the consequences of your actions" Ute rule of life.
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”― Chief Seattle
“Those Who Have the Privilege to Know Have the Duty to Act”…Albert Einstein

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