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Counter Hegemony Project

CounterHeg is a counterHegemonic newsletter compiled with news, art, essays, sounds, etc. that challenge the xisting social order. Its agenda is change. Workers right, Women's right, migration rights. It stands with the oppressed and helps articulate their numbers, their pains, their hopes, and their power.
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j-60-3 peverell residence, clifton campus, clifton lane
nottingham , NG11 8NS
United Kingdom
Contact Person: Dan Lesh
Phone: +44 (0)776 348 3709
E-Mail: dlesh@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.counterheg.org

Detailed Information:

I wanted to alert you of a website I operate called CounterHeg

(http://www.counterheg.org). I compile newsletters (no more than 2

per day and 5 per week) of news from around the globe about

various forms of resistance, from music to politics to local

demonstrations, etc. If you have a look at the site, you'll get a

picture of the kind of news I include. You'll also notice that the

site is currently really visually bland-- I assure you, this is

temporary, I just haven't had time to design something as big as I'm

thinking. Anyway, if you like the site, please feel free to

subscribe to the list.

CounterHeg, for the moment, is a newsletter, but is actually part of

a bigger scheme called Counter Hegemony. Counter Hegemony is a much

better way of characterizing the rapidly growing and coalescing

movements from around the world. Yes, this is what most call

the "anti-globalization" movement, but any one involved in the

movement is fully aware that its a particular (liberal economic) form

of "globalization" that we're anti-. Counter Hegemony encompasses

the whole bit, though. Its a cultural movement conscious of the

validity of economistic and socially conscious Marxist arguments and

is also very aware that feminism, environmentalism, critical race

theory, and humans' every day experience sometimes come into

contradiction with each other in irreconcilable ways under the

current power structures. We know about these contradictions and are

willing to press on, with each other, building a new hegemony; one

bent on freedom for all, with equal rights for women, men, blacks,

whites, everyone; with genuine respect for the environment; with

workers democratically controlling every aspect of their labour; with

all parents able to provide for their children; with all people free

to travel across political boarders; with meaningful access to mass

media channels; with votes that actually count in a political system

that actually cares; and with a consciousness that understands that a

(r)evolution doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen, and does

need people fighting for it.


Dan "please forward this" Lesh


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