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Trees Foundation

Trees Foundation is a non-profit, affiliate-based, free resource for environmental groups working in California's North Coast Region. We provide services and support include print and web design, tech support, GIS cartography, bookkeeping, fiscal sponsorship, and outreach.
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PO Box 2202
Redway , CA 95542
Contact Person: Admin
Phone: 707-923-4377
Fax: 707-923-4427
E-Mail: trees@treesfoundation.org
Website: http://www.treesfoundation.org

Detailed Information:
The Affiliate Support Program provides assistance in the development of activist organizations and their projects, including start-up and follow-through assistance where needed. We work with Affiliates and other activists to organize their vision into action, and help to carry out their events.

Affiliate Outreach
This program is designed to help Affiliates and other activist groups determine and meet their organizational needs. Together we help put their vision into action, through developing and carrying out projects and events.

Design and Publications
Trees Foundation offers design and layout services to help Affiliates and activists get their message out. Our skilled staff members produce educational and outreach materials including brochures, newsletters, press packets, logos, posters, flyers, and fact sheets. Trees Foundation also offers technical assistance and access to equipment for groups that produce their own materials.

Donor Advised Program
The Donor Advised Program facilitates the distribution of funds from large donors to the many small groups that work for North Coast forest protection. The program seeks to obtain funding for organizations by providing information about each Affiliate organization and fiscally sponsored project to individual donors and foundations.

Equipment Project
Trees Foundation solicits, refurbishes, and distributes used computer systems and office equipment to individual activists and grassroots organizations.

Fiscal Sponsorship
Through this program, organizations can seek and receive tax-deductible donations and grants without having their own nonprofit status. Projects range in size from an individual with a single donation to coalitions raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trees Foundation provides full support for all sponsored projects, including administrative oversight, bookkeeping, and reporting.

Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a technology that enables the user to organize information about a chosen ecosystem into a landscape-oriented data tool that inputs information such as stream classes, vegetation and soil types, as well as historic and existent wildlife and habitat, for the purposes of analysis, mapping, and planning activities. Trees Foundation provides GIS startup assistance, training, and map development, and is actively involved in the development and support of a community-based GIS users group ranging across a ten-million-acre area.

Affiliate Development
Our staff offers one-on-one or group consultations, coaching and advice in organizational development, from filing for tax status to board, program and campaign strategy. Assistance is available for building a budget, developing fundraising strategies, funder research, grant proposal writing, communications with funders, and reporting.

Resource Center
We make our well-equipped office available to Affiliates, other environmental groups, and individual activists. We provide access to a workspace including a phone, photocopier, fax, printer, and computers complete with email, internet, scanner, and design software. Trees Foundation also provides access to a resource library that includes foundation directories and guidelines, hardware and software manuals, organizational development guide books, environmental records of decision, natural resource manuals and information, videotapes and more. We also have a variety of equipment available for loan.

Technical Support
We offer technical advice on networking, training, and upgrade and repair of computer equipment. Our Tech Support staff is also available for service and repair needs, including emergency computer repair and information retrieval.

One-on-One Trainings
Affiliates schedule time with our staff and work one-on-one so that the activist is learning and practicing new skills while fulfilling an organizational need. Telephone consultations and advisory sessions are frequent. The result is an activist who understands the technical aspects of the work and is confident of his/her skills.

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