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Don't Forget the Dodo

Don't Forget the Dodo is a site dedicated to remembering what will happen if we don't treat our world with some respect. Read about our cause, meet our friendly dodo, buy merchandise.
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Contact Person: Lynette Dobson
E-Mail: admin@dofodo.com
Website: http://www.dofodo.com

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If you're comfortable in your life, if you can sit there happily in your chair safe in the knowledge that nothing will ever change and your world is assured for ever, maybe you need to remember the dodo.

One day the dodo was happily minding his own business, eating fruit, looking cute and, according to popular opinion, generally being a bit stupid. The next day he was dead. The adorable dodo was no more. No more frolicking in the sunshine, no more playing with his friends, no more bringing joy to the lives of everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. What a waste.

So, before the world we live in, our earth, is destroyed by men (and women) with guns (or cars, roads, axes, switch blades or pogo sticks) and humans become known by the species of the future as those stupid creatures without any sense to save themselves, take a stand. Spread the word. Please, we implore you, don't forget the dodo!

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