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Ghostchild Forum

GhostChild.com is a multi-purpose social/political resource and online community, that is dedicated to the struggle of a cultural evolution, as we are on the horizon of a New Human Era. The main focus of the People of GhostChild.com is to develop and share our message of Unity, "Real Soveriengty", and to publicly display the process and the creation of a Continental First Nations and Relations Government, which is based on the Oldest Democracy on Earth: The Great Law of the Haudenosaunee.
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Contact Person: John Schertow
Phone: 204-775-6554
E-Mail: 1wintkte@ghostchild.com
Website: http://ghostchild.com

Detailed Information:
Through creating community, advocating on behalf of Nations and individuals, and through the sharing of our voices, perspectives, and views on local and global events, GhostChild.com has become a formidable intellectual resource, a place where peace and freedom is alive and active; where governments, universities and individuals from over 30 countries come to learn and examine what's being said and done, in the name of the People.

The forum is the focal point of GhostChild.com, as here a community has developed which several members have come to depend on, for a reality check, to be amidst others who have similar feelings about what's being done to us, and what has been done to us, and to be a part of something that's greater than themselves.

The forum is also where we have been busy mapping out certain key events in the world, and is where we discuss, in detail: social, cultural, spiritual, psychological and political practices, processes, and events. As well, we have and continue to offer opportunities to various Authorities around the world a chance to speak up for themselves, to clarify their own actions and intentions for all the world to see... and we are also taking the opportunity to embrace our own experiences and personal lessons, to provide an example for people in a way that they may not have ever known.

All people are welcome here. None will be turned down for membership, and there is no cost or condition to join. The only hope any of us has in a new community member, is that they do their best to share, and even if they cannot, for fear or just because their computer doesn't work, so long as they know they will not be judged here, that they are seen here to be sacred and important, that they have a value and a rarity and everyone here will do their very best to respect and protect... because they want no less for themselves, then that's okay. So long as they know it.

To be certain, We are not a cult; Nor are we affiliated to or support any religion, institution, traditional system, or any of the traditional political Margins, nor the institutions, beliefs, and policies that make them.

We here are people. We here are Activists, lawyers, blue-collar workers, disabled people, homeless people, Writers, Artists, Two Spirits, Mothers, Warriors...

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