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Louisiana Land and Water Foundation

Louisiana Land and Water Foundation helps preserve, educate and rehabilitate Louisiana lands. Which includes all Louisiana: waters, lands, parks, beautification projects and wildlife.
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PO Box 1078
Metairie , LA 70005
Contact Person: John Guidry
Phone: 5043474369
E-Mail: info@llwf.com
Website: http://www.llwf.com

Detailed Information:
9 Steps to Remember that will help make Louisiana Better!
1. When you go shopping, cut down on packaging. Buy goods, and ask for packaging that are made from recycled materials.
2. Buy reusable shopping bags.
3. Compost your waste and use it in your garden.
4. Don't litter and don't tolerate those who do, speak up.
5. Water. Think about it, conserve it, and protect it.
6. Dispose of old paint and waste liquids properly. Don't pour them down the drain.
7. Leave the car at home from time to time, and try riding a bike or walking.
8. Save energy. Use it sparingly, don�t just leave lights on, even if it�s cheap.
9. Choose energy efficient labeled items.
So how can our actions make a difference? Well, just think about this - every six-pack of cans that you recycle saves enough electricity to run a TV non-stop for 3 days. Think of the difference we could make if we all recycled our drinks cans. There are lots of other things that we can do too - recycling is only one of the 9 Steps to a better environment.

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