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Global Resource Bank

The Global Resource Bank is a world central bank that supports a prosperous global society. Global Resource Bank shareholders define economics as the science that deals with the production, distribution and conservation of Earth's ecoproduct wealth such as air, water, soil, climate and biological diversity. The Bank produces ecocredit, a global currency that values ecoproducts.
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126 SE 3 Street
Hallandale Beach , FL 33009
Contact Person: John Pozzi
Phone: 954 458 7941
Fax: none
E-Mail: john.pozzi@att.net
Website: http://www.grb.net

Detailed Information:
Global Resource Bank Charter

Article 1. Everyone owns one nontransferable share in the Global Resource Bank. Shareholders earn economic security by taking responsibility for Earth's ecosystem.

Article 2. The Global Resource Bank produces ecocredit equal to the shareholder average annual evaluation of Earth's ecoproduct wealth.

Article 3. The shareholders value Earth's current ecoproduct wealth at six thousand trillion ecocredits. Ecocredits have the buying power of January 1, 2000 US Federal Reserve notes.

Article 4. The Bank's Communication Account receives 500 trillion ecocredits to be invested in shareholder communications.

Article 5. The Bank's Capital Exchange Account receives 700 trillion ecocredits to be invested in ecosystems and exchanged for current central bank notes.

Article 6. Shareholder Accounts receive 41 ecocredits per day for 20 years. Shareholders invest 10% of their Global Resource Bank income in ecosystems.

Article 7. The Bank earns income from an ecosystem impact charge on shareholder and commercial accounts. The Bank's income account exchanges ecocredit with the Bank's reserve to maintain the buying power of an ecocredit.

Article 8. Five percent of the Bank's income goes to the communication account and 95% is divided between shareholder accounts. The above percentages are regulated by shareholder average annual choices.

Article 9. The majority of registered shareholders choose the Bank's manager. The manager sets the ecosystem impact charge and is responsible for the communication and capital exchange accounts.

Article 10. After one year of inactivity account balances revert to the Bank's reserve. Amendments to this charter must be approved by a majority of the shareholders. Guardians have proxy rights.

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