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    41. New Technical Study Criticizes Epa's Incinerator Regulations
    A new technical paper presented at a recent meeting of the Air Pollution Control Association (but not yet published) strongly criticizes the U.S. Environmental Protection ...
    Category: Articles

    42. Northwest Could Play Major Role Forming Business Solutions to Global Warming
    As the threat of global warming looms over our collective horizon, business leaders and policy makers face the daunting task of how to best address ...
    Category: Articles

    43. On the Ground: Business Transportation Choices with Production, Employee Retention Benefits
    Telework, Buses, Pools, Legs, Alternate Schedules, and Proximate Commuting are all alternative forms of transportation that can enhance productivity. ...
    Category: Articles

    44. Phytoremediation: A Green Solution to Pollution
    Plants may be the raw material of the future for everything from fibers to fuels, but in the meantime they're busy mending the mistakes of ...
    Category: Articles

    45. Solar Power
    Like many states, Arizona is pursuing retail electric competition as a substitute for traditional regulated monopolies. Competition would primarily occur in a market for generation, ...
    Category: Articles

    46. Solvents: All-Purpose Poisons
    In all industrialized societies, both men and women are often exposed to organic solvents at work and in the home. Gasoline contains a mixture of ...
    Category: Articles

    47. Sowing Seed, Planting Trees, Producing Power
    The article examines "biomass" power generation and its effect local rural economies. ...
    Category: Articles

    48. Spurring Early Greenhouse Gas Reductions in the U.S.
    Now what? That question has been on the minds of environmentalists, business leaders, politicians, and many ordinary citizens around the world as they ponder the ...
    Category: Articles

    49. Studying A Town To Death
    Lompoc, California is a small city of 42,000 people that lies within a valley along California's central coast, about 100 miles above Los Angeles. Lompoc ...
    Category: Articles

    50. Sustainability Island How a Corporate Retreat Transformed a Hawaiian Resort
    Interface, Inc. turned its 24th anniversary party into an opportunity to demonstrate sustainable business practices. ...
    Category: Articles

    51. The Coolest Cars
    What do consumers really want in a car -- and what do they really need? An update on Americans, SUV's, and energy. ...
    Category: Articles

    52. The Honorable Schoolbag: Healthy, Earth-Friendly Back-to-School Choices
    This Green Guide Back-to-School Report Card is designed to help you avoid all the bad stuff -- sweatshop labor, toxic chemicals, damaging environmental impacts -- ...
    Category: Articles

    53. The U'wa People's Struggle Against Big Oil
    The U'wa are an indigenous community of 5,0001 that has lived in the cloudforests of the Colombian Andes for thousands of years. At the heart ...
    Category: Articles

    54. The WTO Turns Back the Clock
    The World Trade Organization (WTO) has effectively canceled the three mainstays of modern environmental protection: (1) pollution prevention using bans, (2) the precautionary principle, and ...
    Category: Articles

    55. What We Must Do -- Part 8 What The Poisoners Knew In 1961
    We first looked at the waste industry which buries poisonous chemicals in the ground for the producers of those chemicals; now we are looking at ...
    Category: Articles

    56. Working Assets' Green Energy Program Feels the Heat
    Is there really any such thing as "green" energy? ...
    Category: Articles

    57. Worldwatch: Vital Signs 1998
    "There are clear signs that global corporations and governments are beginning to respond to climate and energy problems," said Worldwatch vice president Christopher Flavin. ...
    Category: Articles

    58. Wrecking the Oceans
    Until recently, the oceans seemed so vast that no one could imagine humans damaging them. Now, however, a decade of scientific research has shown that ...
    Category: Articles

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