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    21. Green Living Center: Wood and Other Hard Surface Flooring
    Wood flooring, ceramic tile and glass, linoleum and cork, vinyl and rubber as well as other floor coverings, finishes and adhesives are all commonly used ...
    Category: Articles

    22. Hazardous Materials Policy
    Leading scientific societies say that the future promises irreversible environmental degradation and continued poverty for much of the world unless we control human population and ...
    Category: Articles

    23. Hazardous Waste Incinerators
    Across the country, citizen groups are fighting the introduction of hazardous waste incinerators into their neighborhoods. Are there good reasons to oppose such an incinerator ...
    Category: Articles

    24. Infant Death Rates Fall After US Nuclear Reactors Close
    Infant mortality rates around five US nuclear power reactors dropped almost immediately after the reactors closed, according to a new study released Wednesday on the ...
    Category: Articles

    25. New Life For Old Carpets
    The Carpet Industry has historically been one of the most wasteful in thebuilding sector, with billions of pounds of old carpet going into landfills every ...
    Category: Articles

    26. New Study Shows Incinerator Ash More Dangerous Than We Realized
    A new study by a team of engineers at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, shows that municipal incinerator ash is more dangerous than ...
    Category: Articles

    27. Pesticides Pose Greater Threat To U.S. Drinking Water Supplies Than Factories And Toxic Dumps
    Environmental experts say the contamination of underground water supplies by runoff from farm chemicals is now happening across broad areas of the nation's breadbasket and ...
    Category: Articles

    28. Rain Rain Go Away
    Pittsburgh is a tough and heroic American city. It and surrounding steel towns "madethe cannonballs that helped the Union win the war" (to quote Bruce ...
    Category: Articles

    29. Recycled Products Continue Growth
    The research began in 1988, and the first edition was published in 1989. The Official Recycled Products Guide , known in the industry as simply ...
    Category: Articles

    30. Recycling Breakthrough Reported
    A breakthrough has occurred in the recycling of household wastes, such that incineration projects will now be very much on the defensive. New evidence shows ...
    Category: Articles

    31. Recycling Is Hampered; It Can't Compete With Low-Cost Landfills
    In most U.S cities, landfills are priced artificially low in the sense that the full costs of operating the landfill are not reflected in the ...
    Category: Articles

    32. Scientists Study How 'Mass Burn' Incinerators Produce Dioxin (Part 4)
    When municipal garbage goes into a "mass burn" incinerator, one of the products that goes out the smokestack (or is trapped by a filter and ...
    Category: Articles

    33. Solvents: All-Purpose Poisons
    In all industrialized societies, both men and women are often exposed to organic solvents at work and in the home. Gasoline contains a mixture of ...
    Category: Articles

    34. Southern States Have More Than Their Fair Share Of Toxic Waste
    Which states have the worst hazardous waste problems? In general, a state's problem has three components: amount of hazardous waste produced, number of people who ...
    Category: Articles

    35. Studying A Town To Death
    Lompoc, California is a small city of 42,000 people that lies within a valley along California's central coast, about 100 miles above Los Angeles. Lompoc ...
    Category: Articles

    36. The CVX Decision: A Rare Opportunity
    In the U.S., many people think nuclear power is dead because it proved to be too expensive and too unmanageable. In this view, the fuel ...
    Category: Articles

    37. The Producer Pays With Germany Leading the Way, Governments Are Taking a Hard Look at Packaging Waste-And Making Manufacturers Bear the Cost
    With Germany Leading the Way, Governments Are Taking a Hard Look at Packaging Waste-And Making Manufacturers Bear the Cost ...
    Category: Articles

    38. The town that haunts Al Gore
    East Liverpool, OH, USA
    How an incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio, pollutes the vice president's reputation as a friend of the earth. ...
    Category: Articles

    39. The Uses of Scientific Uncertainty
    A revolution is occurring in the way science is used in environmental regulation. Like most revolutions, this one is causing some pain and some disruption, ...
    Category: Articles

    40. Three New Reports Describe Our Destruction Of The Ocean's Fish
    Eating fish is good for you, if the fish you eat are not polluted. Fish are high in protein, and fish oil helps prevent heart ...
    Category: Articles

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