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    41. Biodiversity and Your Food
    What we eat and the foods we buy dramatically influence the health of the environment. It is not just individual acts that can be harmful; ...
    Category: Articles

    42. Building on the Preservation of the Earth: Habitat Goes Green
    Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver incorporates green building practices into houses for low income homeowners. ...
    Category: Articles

    43. Bull in a China Shop
    The World Bank is pushing beef in China, but the critics aren't swallowing ...
    Category: Articles

    44. California Report Describes The Problem Of Indoor Air Pollution
    Indoor air pollution is a much more serious problem than outdoor air pollution. Even when indoor pollution levels are lower than outdoor levels, exposures can ...
    Category: Articles

    45. Corporate Rights vs. Human Need
    For many years, the potential market for baby foods and infant formula in the "developed" countries has been shrinking because birth rates have declined. Therefore, ...
    Category: Articles

    46. Do Garbage Incinerators Produce Air Pollution Harmful To Humans (Part 2)
    Does burning municipal garbage produce air pollution that might harm humans? We know that "mass burn" or "trash to steam" plants produce dioxin. Part of ...
    Category: Articles

    47. Dumbing Down the Children--Part 1
    The NEW YORK TIMES reported in 1999 that, "Federal investigators say most states are flouting a 1989 law requiring that young children on Medicaid be ...
    Category: Articles

    48. Dumbing Down the Children--Part 2
    State governments in the U.S. are refusing to comply with a 1989 federal law requiring that children be tested for lead poisoning. Even at low ...
    Category: Articles

    49. Dumbing Down the Children--Part 3
    We have previously published considerable information about toxic lead and its permanent detrimental effects on young children. At low levels, lead impairs hearing, diminishes growth, ...
    Category: Articles

    50. Evicting Unwanted Chemical Guests
    A thorough guide to identifying harmful substances found in common household products, safe disposal, and healthier alternatives. ...
    Category: Articles

    51. Evolving Sustainable Labels
    A guide to the bewildering array of labels for meat, poultry, dairy and fish. Some have meanings, others are meaningless -- and understanding them can ...
    Category: Articles

    52. Experts Debate Fluoride Use
    Saying fluoride is available in so many ways today, Dorval borough chairman Peter Yeomans would like a study to see if it should be taken ...
    Category: Articles

    53. Facts about Wood
    Category: Articles

    54. Foods from the Rainforests
    Category: Articles

    55. Fruit of the Vine: A Surging Organic Industry Delivers Natural Wine -- Without the Headaches
    Headaches or other ailments that arise after wine consumption usually have less to do with the alcohol, and more to do with the unseen chemicals ...
    Category: Articles

    56. Genetically Altering The World's Food
    On January 14, after an 8-year scientific review, Canada rejected Monsanto corporation's request for approval of its genetically altered milk hormone, rBGH, a drug that ...
    Category: Articles

    57. Green Is Gold For (Natural Food) Retailers
    The trend is up for sales in "green" products. Manufacturerscontinue to update existing products and introduce new ones. So is there a star waiting in ...
    Category: Articles

    58. Green Living Center: Bedding
    All traditional mattresses, futons, mattress pads, and furniture filling made in the US, by law, must be treated with fire retardant chemical finishes. However, there ...
    Category: Articles

    59. Green Living Center: Dry Cleaning
    "Dry" cleaning actually means cleaning your clothes with detergent and a solvent that is not absorbed into the fiber, preventing shrinking, stretching, fading and more. ...
    Category: Articles

    60. Green Living Center: Fabrics
    In addition to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of textiles, the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides used in growing cotton also adversely affect public ...
    Category: Articles

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