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    61. Green Living Center: Heating, Ventilation and Air Filtration
    Providing adequate ventilation is especially important for today's well insulated and tightly sealed homes and buildings. Besides needing fresh air to breathe, we are now ...
    Category: Articles

    62. Green Living Center: Painting and Finishing Products
    A study by Johns Hopkins University several years ago concluded that there were some 300 known carcinogens and 150 mutagens in any given can of ...
    Category: Articles

    63. Green Living Center: Refrigerators and Freezers
    Did you know that your refrigerator and freezer use one-sixth of all the electricity used in your home? Replacing that old, inefficient refrigerator with a ...
    Category: Articles

    64. Green Living Center: Wallcoverings
    Wallcoverings can be created from nearly any material and fiber. Today we find all types of natural and synthetics materials being used to produce practical ...
    Category: Articles

    65. Hazardous Materials Policy
    Leading scientific societies say that the future promises irreversible environmental degradation and continued poverty for much of the world unless we control human population and ...
    Category: Articles

    66. Infant Death Rates Fall After US Nuclear Reactors Close
    Infant mortality rates around five US nuclear power reactors dropped almost immediately after the reactors closed, according to a new study released Wednesday on the ...
    Category: Articles

    67. Natural Food Merchandiser's Annual Market Overview
    Examines retail sales in the natural foods market for 1996. ...
    Category: Articles

    68. New Study Shows Incinerator Ash More Dangerous Than We Realized
    A new study by a team of engineers at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey, shows that municipal incinerator ash is more dangerous than ...
    Category: Articles

    69. Oz Farm News
    Fast, efficient and comprehensive news and information service on Australian Farming and Regional Communities. Rapid access to over 100 topics on farming, livestock, crops, food, ...
    Category: Articles

    70. Resurrecting the Ugly American
    "Attempts to forge the world's first treaty to regulate trade in genetically modified products failed this morning when the United States and five other big ...
    Category: Articles

    71. Scientists Study How 'Mass Burn' Incinerators Produce Dioxin (Part 4)
    When municipal garbage goes into a "mass burn" incinerator, one of the products that goes out the smokestack (or is trapped by a filter and ...
    Category: Articles

    72. Study: Asbestos Suits Clog Courts
    More than 600,000 asbestos-related lawsuits are clogging the nation's courts and eventually could cost businesses more than $200 billion, a study says. ...
    Category: Articles

    73. Studying A Town To Death
    Lompoc, California is a small city of 42,000 people that lies within a valley along California's central coast, about 100 miles above Los Angeles. Lompoc ...
    Category: Articles

    74. The Bad Seed
    Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis has been maneuvering for more than a decade to dominate the world's supply of seed for staple crops (corn, soybeans, ...
    Category: Articles

    75. The Uses of Scientific Uncertainty
    A revolution is occurring in the way science is used in environmental regulation. Like most revolutions, this one is causing some pain and some disruption, ...
    Category: Articles

    76. Three New Reports Describe Our Destruction Of The Ocean's Fish
    Eating fish is good for you, if the fish you eat are not polluted. Fish are high in protein, and fish oil helps prevent heart ...
    Category: Articles

    77. Trouble in the Garden
    Wall Street investors lost confidence in agricultural biotechnology during 1999. Agricultural biotechnology is by no means dead, but investors drove down stock prices of ag ...
    Category: Articles

    78. When left becomes right: The strange case of Friends of the Earth.
    Category: Articles

    79. Where Does Ithaca's Food Come From?
    This survey of food sources for Ithaca, New York, describes the need to create a regional food system, introducing both personal and public policy by ...
    Category: Articles

    80. Why Fast Food Costs Too Much
    Our industrialized food system is fast, maybe too fast and all too furious for our own good. People are fat, our water and soil contaminated ...
    Category: Articles

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