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1. Acterra: Action for a Sustainable Earth
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Acterra is a nonprofit environmental organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We bring people together to shape sustainable communities and preserve natural resources ...
Category: Organizations

2. ALF Supporters Group - Poland
Lubon, Poland
Animal Liberation Front support group in Poland - Polish Language. ...
Category: Organizations

3. Alliance for Animals -- Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Alliance for Animals is a student organization that also welcomes members not attending UWM. Our goal is to protect the rights of animals through advocacy ...
Category: Organizations

4. American Vegetarians
Akron, Oh, USA
This website explains the environmental effects of vegetarian vegan and fruitarian diet ...
Category: Organizations

5. Bay Area Vegetarians
San Francisco, CA, USA
Local vegetarian group for San Francisco, California Bay Area folks to find support and community. Membership is free and includes events and local online mailing ...
Category: Organizations

6. Bible Veggies
Bible Veggies is the place to wander through the Bible from beginning to end as vegetarians, with other vegetarians, or until you tire of the ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

7. Biodiversity and Your Food
What we eat and the foods we buy dramatically influence the health of the environment. It is not just individual acts that can be harmful; ...
Category: Articles

8. Biospirituality
Cleveland, OH, USA
Biospirituality explores the universal quest to find meaning and joy in life, which (we believe) comes from developing meaningful relationships with the Earth and its ...
Category: General Information

9. Building Vegetarian Culture
The task of building vegetarian culture has been undertaken throughout the millennia by religious and spiritual communities, vegetarians with a worldview, and the vegetarian diet ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

10. Bull in a China Shop
The World Bank is pushing beef in China, but the critics aren't swallowing ...
Category: Articles

11. Canada EarthSaver newsletter
Vancouver, Canada
The Canada EarthSaver is the bi-monthly newsletter of EarthSave Canada, a non-profit organation that promotes awareness on the ethical, environmental, and health consequences of our ...
Category: Publications

12. Children of the Millennium
Brooklyn, NY, USA
A community of compassionate and conscientious individuals and families dedicated towards finding real solutions that make a difference. ...
Category: Organizations

13. Compassion Over Killing (COK)
Washington, DC, USA
COK is a nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. which focuses primarily on the promotion of vegetarianism. ...
Category: Organizations

14. Counter Hegemony Project
nottingham, United Kingdom
CounterHeg is a counterHegemonic newsletter compiled with news, art, essays, sounds, etc. that challenge the xisting social order. Its agenda is change. Workers right, Women's ...
Category: Publications

15. country CONNECTIONS
Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
Our bimonthly print journal focuses on environmental sustainability and other progressive issues and serves as a resource and support for activism. ...
Category: Publications

16. Dallas-Fort Worth Vegetarian Happenings Newsletter
Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, TX, USA
Vegetarian Happenings is published free 2-3 times monthly and covers Dallas-Fort Worth, TX vegetarian events, restaurants, and dining plus recipes and news. Send name and ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

17. Dharma Central
Madison, WI, USA
Dharma Central is a site dedicated to the cultural and spiritual traditions of India. ...
Category: General Information

18. Don't Panic, Eat Organic
Comprehensive resource on organic agriculture for consumers and farmers. ...
Category: General Information

19. EarthSave Canada
Vancouver, Canada
EarthSave Canada is a non-profit, educational organization promoting awareness of the health, environmental, and ethical consequences of our food choices. We advocate the move towards ...
Category: Organizations

20. EarthSave Canada Weekly Email Update
Vancouver, Canada
Subscribe to EarthSave Canada's weekly email update, sent out once per week. The weekly email update features information about EarthSave's upcoming events and articles in ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

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