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21. Good wood guide
London, United Kingdom
Helps you make the best choice for the environment when buying or using wood ...
Category: General Information

22. Jan's Ornamental Waterfowl Pages
Lienden, Netherlands
All about waterfowl: ducks, geese, swans and screamers of the world. Find information, pictures, links etc. Also many rare/ endangered species. ...
Category: General Information

23. Kansas Environmental Almanac
Forty-four pages of information about the Kansas environment and its protection. ...
Category: General Information

24. Mass Extinction Underway
Authoritative, up to date information on the current mass extinction of species, with links to additional information. ...
Category: General Information

25. Monitor International
Annapolis, MD, USA
Conserving biological diversity and cultural heritage and promoting environmentally sustainable development of marine and freshwater ecosystems throughout the world. ...
Category: General Information

26. Natural Resources Database
The NRDB is a free GIS tool for developing and distributing environmental databases. ...
Category: General Information

27. New Zealand Birds
Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Aims to be a comprehensive site about New Zealand's birds and their conservation status. ...
Category: General Information

28. Primates - Bonobo Chimpanzees
Basic information about the bonobo chimpanzee. Links to a lot of people's work about the bonobo chimpanzee or primates in general. ...
Category: General Information

29. Quit Abuse Society.
Santee, CA, USA
Society fighting the growing epidemic of social and environmental abuse worldwide. ...
Category: General Information

30. Saving Wild Tigers
Princeton, NJ, USA
A Sierra Club project focused on saving the wild tigers in India. ...
Category: General Information

31. Sea World
Every little detail on sea life. ...
Category: General Information

32. Seed Ball Pages
Terlingua, TX, USA
Unique tool for revegetation using seeds, soil and clay rolled into tiny habitats for broadcast on ground. Photographs, writing, info on natural farming, workshops, etc. ...
Category: General Information

33. Tapir Gallery
Extensive information on and photosof tapirs. ...
Category: General Information

34. The Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force (DAPTF)
United Kingdom
We are based at the Open University Ecology and Conservation Research Group and operate under the umbrella of the IUCN (the World Conservation Union) Species ...
Category: General Information

35. The Elephant Repository
An in-depth source for information on elephants including links, news, multimedia, and a hugh section on many different aspects of elephants and their emotional lives ...
Category: General Information

36. The Wild Habitat
The Wild Habitat provides good information, quizzes, and games on wolves, foxes, felines, bears, deer, and more animals. ...
Category: General Information

37. UCMP Exhibit Halls: Phylogeny
Berkeley, CA, USA
The ancestor/descendant relationships which connect all organisms that have ever lived. ...
Category: General Information

38. VN Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity
Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity ...
Category: General Information

39. Watershed & Coastal Resources of Orange County, CA
Santa Ana, CA, USA
Our new web site is a flood of information on the Coastal Resources and all 13 Watersheds in Orange County, California. ...
Category: General Information

40. WBAI-FM Environmental Radio Show
New York, NY, USA
Category: General Information

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