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1. ALF Supporters Group - Poland
Lubon, Poland
Animal Liberation Front support group in Poland - Polish Language. ...
Category: Organizations

2. Bay Area Vegetarians
San Francisco, CA, USA
Local vegetarian group for San Francisco, California Bay Area folks to find support and community. Membership is free and includes events and local online mailing ...
Category: Organizations

3. Bible Veggies
Bible Veggies is the place to wander through the Bible from beginning to end as vegetarians, with other vegetarians, or until you tire of the ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

4. Building Vegetarian Culture
The task of building vegetarian culture has been undertaken throughout the millennia by religious and spiritual communities, vegetarians with a worldview, and the vegetarian diet ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

5. Children of the Millennium
Brooklyn, NY, USA
A community of compassionate and conscientious individuals and families dedicated towards finding real solutions that make a difference. ...
Category: Organizations

6. Compassion Over Killing (COK)
Washington, DC, USA
COK is a nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. which focuses primarily on the promotion of vegetarianism. ...
Category: Organizations

7. Dharma Central
Madison, WI, USA
Dharma Central is a site dedicated to the cultural and spiritual traditions of India. ...
Category: General Information

8. Farm Sanctuary
Watkins Glen, NY, USA
Farm Sanctuary is an American non-profit organization dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals used for food production. Since Farm Sanctuary began in 1986, we ...
Category: Organizations

9. France Veg
France Veg is French vegan society for the vegans and vegetarians from France. Meet people who are interested in being vegan. ...
Category: Organizations

10. Mercy For Animals
Columbus, OH, USA
Mercy For Animals (MFA) believes that non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals who have morally significant interests and hence rights, including the right to live and ...
Category: Organizations

11. Minoesj: An Animal Voice
Gent, Belgium
An international animal rights website that wants to spread vegetarianism, veganism and general animal rights ideas. ...
Category: Organizations

12. Muslim Vegetarians
Vegetarian Muslims need venues and ways to network with one another. This is one such venue. ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

13. Natural Friends
Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom
On-line introduction agency for ethically-minded, environmentally-friendly, health-conscious, single non-smokers ...
Category: Organizations

14. Offensive Against the Fur Industry
Munic, Germany
Coaliton of animal rights groups working towards the abolition of the fur trade. Main focus is on German speaking countries. ...
Category: Organizations

15. Pagan and Vegan
Open to all... vegetarians, vegans, pagans. ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

16. PCRM Breaking Medical News
Whether you're a doctor, student, dietitian, or layperson, Physician Comittee for Responsible Medicine's new eNewsletter will provide you with the latest breaking news in nutrition, ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

17. PtVo - Pennsylvania Teen Veg*an Organization
PtVo is a mailing list for Pennsylvania Teen Veg*ns. ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

18. Roots Of Compassion
Münster, Münster, Germany
There are already plenty of websites promoting the vegan lifestyle, but we wanted to combine this with human and animal rights and social change. All ...
Category: General Information

19. The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland
Waterford West, Australia
We aim to encourage vegetarianism as a humane and responsible lifestyle. This site is a guide to vegetarian and vegan recipes, cooking, diet advice, discussion, dining ...
Category: General Information

20. Veg-News E-Mail List
Veg-News provides a mechanism for the exchange of news and information pertaining to the issues of vegetarianism and may be considered to be a public ...
Category: E-Mail Lists

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