“How do we manage fisheries in the midst of climate change?” Q&A with EDF’s Eric Schwaab

“How do we manage fisheries in the midst of climate change?” Q&A with EDF’s Eric Schwaab

It’s no secret that humanity is abusing the world’s oceans. We’re overfishing at all levels of marine food chains, we’re annihilating critical habitats from mangroves to coral reefs, and we’re polluting global seas with plastic, agricultural run-off, and carbon emissions. The challenges standing in the way of addressing these issues however are immense. At the root of it: The world’s oceans are the ultimate global commons, and as such, profits have been realized privately, but costs are borne by the public, with often the most marginalized and disadvantaged facing the greatest burdens. Photo credit: Rhett A. Butler. But while the situation can seem daunting, there are reasons to be optimistic says oceans expert Eric Schwaab, who current serves as the Senior Vice President of Ecosystems and Oceans at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) “What gives me hope is the combination of awareness, commitment and ingenuity coming from many different parts of the world,” Schwaab told Mongabay during a recent interview. “Despite all our environmental and geopolitical challenges, the oceans are providing solutions. From their carbon cycling and storage capacity to their ability to help sustainably feed the world, people are focusing in new ways on ocean strategies. And they are bringing new understanding, new technologies and new commitments to working together on solutions.” “We are moving from a time of comparatively few ocean advocates to a time of global awareness that our survival is linked to healthy oceans.” Schwaab’s perspective is rooted in his long experience in fisheries management, having served…This article was originally published on Mongabay

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