Should Premier League football clubs travel so far for pre-season?

Should Premier League football clubs travel so far for pre-season?

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The Premier League’s unrivalled global appeal has seen sold-out stadiums across the world this summer – with fans spread across various continents getting to see their heroes in real life.

After two years of Covid-restricted travel, most clubs in the English top flight chose to play matches overseas on money-spinning tours, while some opted for more low-key training camps abroad.

But after calls for sport to use the pandemic as a chance to reset around its role in climate impact, the return to vast amounts of plane travel has raised questions on the cost to the environment.

Villa top of CO2 emissions

This table displays a BBC Sport estimate of each club’s emissions in order of who has generated the most CO2 from air travel.

BBC Sport has not included emissions from domestic fixtures for the purposes of this comparison, given air travel – mile for mile – is the most damaging way to travel for the environment.

Premier League teams Air miles travelled in pre-seasonC02 emissions per passenger (in Kg)Carbon emissions per football team in Metric Tons

Aston Villa22419292187.63

Leeds United21858273682.08

Manchester United21507264279.29

Crystal Palace22819258377.49


Tottenham Hotspur15330177053.1



Manchester City9505112333.69


Nottingham Forest325853416.02

Newcastle United325346013.8

Wolverhampton Wanderers250339211.76


AFC Bournemouth19943029.06

Brighton &

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