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Another big old forest fire. Ho hum.
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Author:  Dingo [ Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Another big old forest fire. Ho hum.

This time its Idaho. So what makes this so different?
http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/0 ... aho-fires/

“A 100,000-acre wildfire used to be unusual, you would see one every few years,” Forest Service employee Carl Albury says in a NASA article. “Those type of fires are becoming a yearly occurrence.”

History speaks for itself — wildfires are becoming longer, more acres are burning, and the costs and fatalities are on the rise as well. Climate change is setting the stage for the new age of conflagration, bringing warmer temperatures and extensive, prolonged drought. Insect infestations made possible by warmer winters are also killing off huge areas of forests in the West, leaving acres of dead standing trees, ready to burn.

The seven largest U.S. fire seasons since 1960 have burned in the last thirteen years, and although 2013 may not go on record nation-wide, it has already resulted in the most destructive wildfire in in Colorado history and caused the death of nineteen firefighters in Arizona.

While aware that drought is part of the problem, major media outlets seem to avoid making the explicit connection between climate change and the Idaho wildfires.

Author:  Wayne Stollings [ Tue Aug 20, 2013 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Another big old forest fire. Ho hum.

Climate change debate, It is like the doctor telling you that smoking a pack a day and increasing each year is bad for your health and may give you lung cancer. He cannot tell you that it will, but that it greatly increases the probability. Your friends tell you of people who have developed lung cancer but did not smoke at all, people who have smoked and never gotten lung cancer, and point out your house mate smokes as much as you do and is increasing faster. That means there will still be second hand smoke unless your house mate quits too. They point out there are a couple of scientists who disagree with the research, so you decide the science is inconclusive and continue to smoke until you do develop lung cancer. Then you ask the doctor what you can do to prevent it. You are told it is too late, but if you had acted years ago you might have been saved. You then criticize science for not being able to convince you to stop or to cure you after you continued against the warnings. Your friends just call dibs on your stuff.

Author:  Johhny Electriglide [ Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Another big old forest fire. Ho hum.

Now the beautiful Yosemite. The top of my road about three blocks away or climbing anywhere near is a vision similar here. Boredom with land sales until that turn and the rock formations. It is serious stuff here and all natural places. So I bought a new 24" Husquevara and had my mitigation done in 2005 after Hayman very near.
There's a couple year old article here about the rapid and large increase in forest/wild lands fires. Eventually toward thermageddon, almost all forests will be burned down, or dead from heat, climate fluctuation, increased insect and disease attack.
The horseman with hot dry breath and carrying lit torches. #-o

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