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' ... Does it make a sound?'
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Author:  FrankGSterleJr [ Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  ' ... Does it make a sound?'

Currently there’s plenty of vocal and well published opposition from B.C. newspaper profit-margin interests; thus, with the exception of one community newspaper that ran two letters on the issue, the province’s community newspapers have omitted public opinion from their Letters pages.
Why? Perhaps “out of sight, out of mind”? Or perhaps, If there’s no tree even falling in the woods—let alone anyone there to hear it—does it make a sound?
Rather than focus all of their protest against the government’s new recycling plan on the bottom-line effects, why not actually do something environmentally and resourcefully progressive?
Perhaps, say, every Earth Day, run editorials about adding many-fold more items to the short lists of recyclables.
It would truly be refreshing to read opinion pieces, for a change, actually critical of budgetary red ink, however little or great, being conveniently utilized by our governments as an excuse to not recycle so very many materials circulating throughout society. It would be encouraging to see published serious critiques against the essentially gratuitous dumping of such materials into landfills and the air pollution created from their burning.
If need be, any red-ink monetary losses should and could be recouped by placing larger recycling fees upon all purchasable items, rather than just the current relatively few (e.g. bottles).
Perhaps if enough people, likely those who already inclined to recycle as much as is currently allowed by recycling-box rules, begin to place many more non-accepted solids into such boxes, the powers that be might feel far more compelled to adapt/equip the recycling plants to enable the recycling of such solids, if not even others.
We’ve already wasted way too much material and especially ecologically-limited time.

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