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Peruvian river reclaims with its own voice to people who con
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Author:  arodorte10 [ Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Peruvian river reclaims with its own voice to people who con

Rimac river (Lima, Peru) receives almost 6 tons of waste every day. To solve this situation, Promart Homecenter and the Ministry of the Enviroment gave voice to the river, through an interesting and reflexive campaigne, so himself could avoid people to contaminate him.

Watch the video of this initiative, here.

Through a video posted on Facebook you can listen to the river raising its protest voice: "Madam! I am the Rímac river, please do not throw your garbage, in my waters live plants and birds ", or" You should feel ashamed, because of me you have water every day", are some of the phrases that he exclaims when someone approach to him with bad intentions, leaving people stunished.

The video has achieved more than 1.7 million views on the social network due to this ingenious campaign: movement sensors and a sound system were placed in the approximations of the river to find those who contaminate Rimac river, sending them, through hidden speakers, a serious message: the river is alive, and it must be taken care of as part of the "big home" of all Lima residents.
Finally, the results emerge: almost 80% of the people who listen to it decide not to throw garbage. What was the formula?

"We decided to focus the campaign on the care of our country, and one of the variables that we see every day is the trash we throw into the streets. As if the streets were not ours. Because we take care of what is ours, like, for example, our houses. If we think that Peru is home of 33 million Peruvians, isn’t it the same?", says Andrea Águila-Pardo, Marketing Manager of Promart.
She adds: "We are a Peruvian brand that works every day to fulfill a single purpose: help Peruvian families to have a beautiful home, a place of harmony where the sense of belonging, safe, understood and happines can develop. We want the same for our country, which is our extended home".

This is how Promart tells us that we no only have our small house, which is built with much effort, but also the big house, which is inherited through history: in this case, it is Peru represented by the Rimac river, home its inhabitants claim to love but finally harm with their actions. The iconic river needed to talk so the citizens could change their attitude. We hope next time, their consciences will talk first.

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